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  1. i'm loving these betas more and more lately... congrats
  2. i think you mean under armour...
  3. i have it on good authority the xc transmission swaps right into the sx; if you are mechanically inclined, i might recommend to pursue that option as well... good luck
  4. check the braided ground under the seat where it attaches to the frame from the battery; occasionally that moves and ends up right under a part of the seat that smashes it into the frame and grounds out. good luck.
  5. enduro or mx version?
  6. if your arms are being pulled off by a ktm 150xcw, work on holding onto the bike with your legs.
  7. it will fit, but your bike will not turn as quick, it's heavier and wider, you'll notice if you are sensitive to that sort of thing. i like running a 110 on all my bikes, i just like the way it handles.
  8. i've ran rear tubliss on my last 3 bikes, not the front though.. and they are not more of a PITA, but you must be just as careful taking off as putting on, typically this is not an issue with tubes; if i'm removing a tire and replacing a tube, i'm usually pretty hard on the tube, tire, and rim... there are a lot of good instructional videos on youtube, watch a few and decide for yourself. i especially like running a 19" in the woods, if i plan to run 10 or less psi, tubliss is essential. good luck
  9. you just can't help politicize everything, huh? angry man...
  10. this is a first; anyone received one of these in the mail before? 2017 Purchase Summary Motorcycles Rule. Taxes Suck. No matter how fast we ride, one thing always catches up with us— taxes! “Womp womp” (cue trombone). RevZilla regrets having to send you an un-fun email, but Washington requires that we provide you with a summary of all the purchases you’ve made over the past calendar year so you can determine your sales/use tax obligation. There are lots of places to get gear, and we are humbled that you continue to gear up with us. We hope the details below make it easier for you to file your taxes so you can get back to riding! And figuring out where on the bike to bolt up that tax return… Your Purchases for 2017: *Taxable Total $XXX.XX As the purchaser, you're responsible for filing your annual purchase tax information to the Washington government. *Washington Sales & Use Tax Notice: RevZilla is not required to and does not collect Washington state sales or use tax. You as the consumer may be required to remit sales or use tax directly to the Washington State Department of Revenue You can find instructions on how to remit your sales or use tax at https://dor.wa.gov/find-taxes-rates/use-tax#howdo
  11. my advice, stick with cable; i've seen many do this and still think its a hack and waste of time.
  12. are you sure it's not slippery ALL the time with that PSI? this is always a preference but if you need a suggestion, run 10-12PSI and you should be fine.
  13. start small, 1st go down a tooth in the rear, it alone will make a big difference; if that doesn't do it add a flywheel weight. yz's rip in the woods
  14. first , i don't gauge my opinions on how well they play online, my opinions come from my experience, and i rarely regurgitate what someone else says. and which specific info are you referring to that is unrepresentative of the bikes i've talked about? i absolutely feel a yzfx gets ridden differently and not typically as hard as a yzf, based purely on the characteristics that make the bikes different, the yzfx motor does not work as hard because it's got a wide ratio gearbox, you are not shifting nearly as much, which means the oil breaks down slower, which translastes to longer allowable intervals between changes, etc. how can that not resinate with someone familiar with how motors and transmissions work? i know how much i shift my yzf in the woods, it's WAY more than any trail/xc bike i've ever ridden. and i may be more emphatic about certain traits more that others, but only for purposes of clarity, and only because i know there are people out there that cannot even tell the difference between a wide ratio and close ratio tranny, let alone sag, flywheel weight, unsprung weight, rotating mass, etc. it's not random, there is thought behind it. at the end of the day, in the woods, most will be faster on the fx, and be able to ride for longer. it's just an easier bike to ride.
  15. if that is truly the case i'll never buy a yzfx, based purely on what i've experienced on my yzf. if i wait 10hrs to change oil it's jet black sludge, have 2 friends with the same bike and it's no different. all my previous ktm's, including two xcf's, i would to sometimes go 25hrs between oil changes with and the oil was never that bad. based on how i end up riding my yzf, i'm more abusive than i would be on a yzfx, because the transmissions are different, shifting much more, gear ratios are shorter so you are revving out the motor much more. that is how i rationalize it, i've not had an fx, but i have a friend that does and he is the worst about changing his oil, and he has no issues with his bike. he likely goes 20-30hrs without a change. IMO an mx or sx 250f is the bike that takes the most engine abuse of any other bike out there, regardless of whether it's ridden in the woods or on a track. based purely on gear ratios and how easy and often it's ridden at higher rpm's.