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  1. DRS

    Getting WOT easier?

    grip the throttle like you would a doorknob or tennis racket; don't grip it like you would a heavy hammer.
  2. DRS

    Robert Taylor’s Come Back

    actually he's on a 250xcf in this video, he typically only runs a 450 in h&h.
  3. DRS

    125 In The Woods

    it's a woods specific 2 stroke, with a heavier flywheel and different timing, built for the woods, not for an mx track. you will be able to lug it much more than a traditional 125 mx bike; and yes, they are a blast in the woods.
  4. DRS

    Number plate bag

    this or something similar ^ i'd surely hate to crash or be knocked off the bike and have a bear or cougar caught between myself and a holstered pistol on my bike.
  5. the only benefit i've found from using tubliss is being about to run <5psi and not worry about pinch flats; changes is not an issue for me, i'm nearly an expert at it. they are just as heavy as UHD tubes and the nature of their 110psi inner tube bothers me. i've used them in the past on the rear, but if suspension is dialed and you are ok running higher pressures, most can manage with regular HD tubes just fine.
  6. at some point in the not so distant future i will have one of these in my garage... very nice, congrats and enjoy.
  7. my honest take is that you might be overthinking it, especially if you're new to dirt. aggression aside, your roadracing experience means next to nothing in the dirt, outside of knowing where the controls are and how to use them. on a big bike like that the tires won't even matter, it's a heavy dual-sport and not designed to do what lighter race bikes do. my advice is to forget the analysis, and just ride and have fun. if you want to get serious about going fast off-road without it being sketchy, get a bike thats designed for it. you're essentially riding a fully dressed and loaded up st1300 around a roadrace course, sure you'll see guys doing it and having fun, but i assure you its gets sketchy if you even start to push it; and you'll never go even remotely as fast as you could on a bike built for it. if you were to step down to a 500exc or fe501 i'd bet my life your enjoyment level would go through the roof.
  8. DRS

    Sedona 907 vs shinko 505 cheater vs 525 (northern Idaho)

    my 525 cheater after 20hrs on 250 2T, mix of woods and e-wa mtns. first cheater i've tried, not a fan; going back to soft terrain rear tires.
  9. DRS

    Cycra Ecplipse Handguards

    these are a much better option if you prefer flag style guards, and want something that protects nearly as well as a full wrap. http://www.sxslideplate.com/product-category/handguards/
  10. DRS

    Capitol for kids

    it's there if you know where to look, but it's not a lot of miles and you still end up spending a lot of time on the dbl-track in order to connect them.
  11. DRS

    Capitol for kids

    there are miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles of "in the bush" singletrack at tahuya where head on's are never an issue, not even remotely as much at capital, so most everyone is on the 2-way dbl-track.
  12. DRS

    Capitol for kids

    put him behind you, there are a lot of yahoos that ride capital double track very fast, head-ons are common out there. be safe and keep yourself and your bike between the kid and oncoming idiots.
  13. DRS

    Old Guys Racing

    those trails at grizzly heights are deceivingly rough on the hands and body, they flow well and can be fast in sections, but 50 miles of single track out there can feel like 100+ almost anywhere else.
  14. DRS

    Broken ribs

    YeH I agree ,although I wasn't planning on it the second time were you planning on it the first time?