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  1. VMK

    DIY CF for DRZ

    Sorry, i did not want to No gelcoat, just clear acryl varnish from can, some sanding (1200 wet) and abrasive compound (autoglym).
  2. VMK

    DIY CF for DRZ

    One of the reasons to use vacuum is to suck all the excess epoxy, along with air, out of the laminate. With out vacuum or pressure laminate is left epoxy rich and weights more and is weaker than "dry" laminate. Prepreg is out of my budget and it makes mold making more difficult since it must be cured in elevated temperatures. Here is one item made in garage with pressure bag and prepreg. That Ducati frame is some thing that I'm jealous about . Thread where i discovered that picture can be find here.
  3. VMK

    DIY CF for DRZ

    I made female mold from original panels taped together with aluminium tape. Used vacuum bagging for cf parts. With vacuum only it pretty hard to get good laminate when you have lots of steep angles like that panel have. Also pin holes are quite a problem with vacuum only, autoclave would be nice to have... With pressure bagging you can make parts with much better quality, but molds would have to be very solid i.e. expensive. I was thinking that i convert all plastic part of my DRZ to CF, but im trading my DRZ to Husvarna Sm 610 or Aprilias new SM model...
  4. VMK

    DIY CF for DRZ

    Fenders are normal plastic ones that you can buy from any store, no magic in there, just me and my it skills . All other stuff is 100 % carbon except frame quard, that is reinforced with kevlar. Making the side panel took at least 8 hours maybe even more. So not so good business idea to start making this stuff for sale, just nice hobby...
  5. VMK

    DIY CF for DRZ

    This came out from my kitchen. Have anyone else been messing with epoxy and cf?
  6. VMK

    How do you guys keep drinks cold?

    Here is one way to do it... Vesku
  7. VMK

    Burned: Can you help with UK Mikuni jets?

    Here´s one "guessing" what valve does in KTM: http://www.monomaniacs.nl/mm/ttt/eps/. Any chance that it does something like that in EU Suzuki? Vesku
  8. Yoshimura full ss, Factory jet-kit DRZ 400 SM 05, snorkel removed. Vesku