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  1. G Ford

    Advice from those who live in Bend, OR

    Recinace- PM me. I have worked for SCMC, BMC and now am with a private practice her in Bend. I also work with the Chamber so I know the reputation of most of the realitors her in town. Greg F
  2. G Ford

    Anyone in Oregon?

    Check out www.benddualsport.com for riding on the East side of the hill. Greg F
  3. G Ford

    Central Oregon Ride Connection!!

    Hey, Greg F here. If you do end up going out to Christmas Valley, come out to the dunes. I'll be out with the family hitting the dunes for the whole weekend. Look for a group of toy trailers (big Keystone Raptor, and a couple of smaller ones), with quads (my KTM will be out), and kids. We will probably be just to the right as you hit the "T" by the message board. Hope to see yo out there! Greg
  4. KTM says that the new '07 models are to be street legal next year. IMO: KTM's are the easiest. EXC's have all the pigtails to plug and go with a dualsport kit.
  5. G Ford

    Central Oregon Ride Connection!!

    Anyone planning on going to the meeting at Summit on the 20th concerning riding in the Ochoco's? That happens to be my B-Day, and momma's got dinner reservations. Greg
  6. G Ford

    Any Riders From Bend Riding The Black Dog??

    I want to, but need a 3 day babysitter. Matt is going. Greg
  7. G Ford

    Central Oregon Ride Connection!!

    I live down on Cinder Butte. Sorry if I don't respond right away. I don't have internet service at the house and use it here at work. Let me know what you think of that 606. I have MT21 on right now, and will be looking to change it out the end of the riding season. Greg
  8. G Ford

    Central Oregon Ride Connection!!

    The guy on the KTM was me! I was on my way out to the South Ice Cave staging area to meet my wife and friends. What was funny is that you ended up two cars behind me on your way home from work (I was driving my Jeep). I ended up putting 112 miles on the bike that day. Where abouts do you live? In the woods I assume. PM me and maybe we can get together some time.I don't get to ride as much as I would like (who does?) but can get away some times. I like the Benddualsport.com also. I have a few friends in the ad business, and might be able to get some logo "stuff" printed for a reasonable price. Greg F
  9. G Ford

    Bend - Central Oregon - Week of 7/10?

    Watch the maps that are out right now. I rode this Sat out of the South Ice Cave staging area, and what was marked as a "Blue" trail, ended up being a "Black." The new maps have a few color differences from just a month ago we found out. The 30 and 36 trails are black trails! All in all, the trails were in great shape, a little dusty, but nice. I put in 112.3 miles in all. Greg
  10. G Ford

    Central Oregon Ride Connection!!

    What time are you guys leaving? In order to get all the family quads to South Ice Cave staging area, I have to ride my bike out, and am going to be leaving out China Hat about 8 am. It's not that I don't like riding alone, it would make my wife feel better if I rode at least a bit of the way with someone. Greg F
  11. G Ford

    Central Oregon Ride Connection!!

    I hope you street legal. There are no defined trails in that area, and the sheriff has been writing tickets up there big time the last few weeks. If you are legal, check the OMRA website for a ride that we did last October. You can ride a killer two track just over the Cascade Lakes Hwy from the entrance, that runs all the way to Waldo lake if you know how to do it. I would expect to be stopped a couple of times even if you are legal, because every cop in the area will key in on you. Greg Bend
  12. G Ford

    Central Oregon Ride Connection!!

    Way to go little man!!! Hey, I ran that Poker Run down by Wickup last weekend. It ended up being 22 +/- miles with about 10 of it being single track. Great tight stuff. I did it on the quad with my (who slept through most of it) but want to go back and check it out on the bike. My 6 year old even did the "hard" course. Greg
  13. G Ford

    What's the least muddy area near PDX?

    Check out the calender of events on the OMRA web site. The Teepee Run Poker Run is this weekend on Mt Hood. http://www.omra-online.org/calendar.htm Greg Bend OR
  14. G Ford

    Central Oregon Ride Connection!!

    Brad- Keep your eyes open this weekend. I and the family are riding a poker run in the area on Saturday, but will be riding most of the weekend. It's not a "sanctioned" ride, just a bunch of friends that do this every year. Enjoy your weekend, maybe I'll run into you out there. I will run my GPS to get a track that we may be able to use for a run at a later time. See ya out there!!!
  15. G Ford

    Central Oregon Ride Connection!!

    It looks like I wont be able to join you gents tomorrow. The family has had a real bad week, and the sitter (my mom) is in no mood to have the kids for another day. Have fun, be safe. Matt, run the GPS track so that I can see where you went. Just a note, if anyone from out of town is looking to stay at a motel this weekend, good luck. Pole Pettle Paddle is this weekend, and it's a safe bet the most of the rooms in Bend are going to be full up. Greg