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  1. fastmxer9

    ssr b2?

    nvm, i figured it out. take off the pegs. dun duh duh.
  2. fastmxer9

    ssr b2?

    i just started on replacing the spring. anyone know if you can take off the cover withut removing the engine? the pegs are getting in the way and i dont want to put much more pressure on it then what i have.
  3. fastmxer9

    ssr b2?

    Thanks for the pics Junkman. are you suret hats the right part number for the spring? the part number you referred to me (24430-hf7-000) came up as the arm stopper not the the spring. the correct number for the arm stopper spring would be 24435-hf7-000. let me know if I'm right and i'll go ahead and order it.
  4. fastmxer9

    ssr b2?

    to get to the shift star you remove the right side casing? will the gasket be reusuable?
  5. fastmxer9

    ssr b2?

    The brakes really came to life with a bleed. the hitting neutral on 3rd to 2nd downshift still exists after the oil change. I hate to buy the a new motor so I'm thinking of going to a 13 tooth front sprocket. Right now there is a 17 tooth up front. The track I ride is a 2nd and 3rd gear track so im hoping the 13 tooth will lower the gearing enough to where i could stay in 3rd and 4th. Also where is the best place to buy a new jialing motor? I seen some on ebay for $330 shipped
  6. fastmxer9

    ssr b2?

    will do an oil change, and bleed the brakes. Does it have an oil filter? and thanks for the help outlaw. The guy I bought it from actually bought it from you. So your trickle-down customer service is Very good and very appreciated. = )
  7. fastmxer9

    jialing 125 problem.

    almost every down shit from 3rd to 2nd the the motor hits neutral. Any fixes for this besides a new motor?
  8. fastmxer9

    ssr b2?

    I got it. It does have the start in any gear motor. When i took it for a test run around the guys yard it seemed good. couldn't find any problems with it so i bought it. When i got it on the track its flaws stuck out. It hits neutral when down shifting hard and the brakes suck. The wheels are either sliding or rolling freely. What are my fixes for these problems? I'm thinking all I can do for the hitting neutral problem is change the tranny fluid. Despite that stuff it is fun.
  9. fastmxer9

    ssr b2?

    MY latest up date. 4pm wednesday: called the guy to make sure the bike is still available. Goodnews, it is 11pm wednesday night: just got done taking the passenger seat out of the mustang. now a pit bike can slide in there nice and easily. even found a place for tie downs. Nothing beats a pit bike riding shotgun. If all goes according to plan: 8am thursday: depart 11am: arrive and purchase (as long as it works fine) post 11am: head to the pit bike track untill it closes at 5pm. then drive the track an hour away for night practice.
  10. fastmxer9

    ssr b2?

    i'll let everyone know how it goes. its located 2.5 hours away from me and im going up there at the next time the guy who has it is available which is thursday morning. its a great deal so i hope no1 beats me to it. what kind of aftermarket parts do you buy for them? will most of the aftermarket 50 stuff work on them ? one more thing, i got a newer ford mustang, im thinkin if i take off both the wheels i should be able to fit it in the trunk with it open or in the back seat. think it'll work?
  11. fastmxer9

    ssr b2?

    So im going to look at a ssr b2 on thursday. any thing i should look for or ask the guy? heres the ad: ssr b2 racing pit bike with adjustable dampening inverted forks and rear adjustable shock. Chromoly frame and foot peg mount.Disc brakes with wavy rotors.One industry graphics 12", 10" wheel combo.Big bore exhaust. New chain and sprockets, uni air filter, new grips. Motor runs great. $500.00 firm
  12. fastmxer9


    jhust wondering where you buy parts for any of the knock off chinese bike? like sprockets and brakes, can you just buy aftermarket crf50 stuff?
  13. fastmxer9

    pit bike titles?

    Do any of the pit bike (thumpstar, SSR, pitster, etc) come with a title?
  14. fastmxer9

    Sikk 125 or SSR 125

    From what I've heard the SSR125-SB-A is a much better bike then the sikk125. am i right? and is the pitster x2 much better then either of those two?