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  1. jjbmoto

    training wheel kit questions for pw50

    When my son started riding he had frame mounted training wheels on his PW50 but to be honest they really weren't the right way to go. I removed them after one ride and got him the training wheels that attach to the shock mounts. They are a much better solution in my opinion.
  2. jjbmoto

    2005 YZ250F Fork Oil

    Thanks for all the replies. I just thought that I would mentiond that the '05 250F has twin chamber forks and the owners manual calls for "S1" oil. The dealer doesn't know what it is or the cross reference for it to a weight designated oil (ex. 5W). Given that info is the 5W still ok. I just don't want to ruin the forks!
  3. jjbmoto

    2003 TM125 MX Clutch Lever

    Is there a cross reference for the hydraulic clutch lever for the TM 125 MX. I need one but would like to get it from an aftermarket supplier if possible. Thanks
  4. jjbmoto

    2005 YZ250F Fork Oil

    I want to change the fork oil on my 250F and would like to order the oil ahead of time. The owners manual calls for S1 Suspension oil. I would like to run Belray or another aftermarket companies oil but need to know the cross reference or what to order. Thanks in advance! jjbmoto
  5. jjbmoto

    Sikk MX Brake Problem

    Just to let you know I fixed the problem. I started off by bleeding all the original brake fluid out, replaced with DOT 4. Then I adjust the brake pedal stop up a bit and adjusted the brake cylinder rod slightly to return farther from the plunger (terms ?). I am not sure which fixed it but I did 15 min. of hard riding with my son on his race bike and it never locked up. That was the longest I have been able to ride the bike because of the brake problem.
  6. jjbmoto

    Sikk MX Brake Problem

    Thanks, I'll try changing the fluid and bleeding it first and if that doesn't work I'll Jimi. All in all though I love the bike!
  7. jjbmoto

    Sikk MX Brake Problem

    I have a Sikk Mx 125 that has a rear brake problem. In under 10 minutes of riding the rear brake becomes so hot it locks up. When it cools down the wheel becomes free to turn again. I took the wheel off and pressed in the two pistons and they seemed to slide freely. Any thoughts?