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    49cc Baja motorsports dirt bike ??

    I figured the shop trying to sell me the Panterra for $1200 was out to lunch. Plus the guy wouldn't let me start the bike up and was in hurry to make a deal. I'm up in Canada so $1200 Canadain would be around $980 US funds. At first I thought why bother as they weren't a whole lot cheaper then a Yamaha or Honda etc. Then I found this Baja bike http://www.canadiantire.ca/assortments/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524443280498&FOLDER%3C%3EbrowsePath=2534374303517496&FOLDER%3C%3EbrowsePath=2534374303517552&FOLDER%3C%3EbrowsePath=1408474396671000&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=1408474396671000&ASSORTMENT%3C%3East_id=1408474396670271&bmUID=1121807845645 From the Panterra link ( I should have looked around here more) I gathered more info. So the baja and panterra are the same engines just a different name on them. thanks for the info
  2. I ordered one of these for my boys today as a store had them on sale etc. Now I have found bikes like it the Ducar 70cc and the Pantera 49cc. They all look a like basically. The Ducar and Pantera sold at couple small shops are selling for a lot more cash. Like only a few hunderd under what honda wants for a new little 50cc job. This baja 50 (49cc) motor sports bike is $700 cdn. where as the pantera 50 (49cc) is $1200 and a honda is $1700. After looking them over they all look a like. At least the engine and trans anyway. So does anyone know who makes what or what's the story? The store CT says they can get parts no problem from Baja. I looked at a little yamaha and I swear it came out of the same factory just had different accessories bolted on. How do these little bikes perform? Anything out of the ordinary one should know about them?? Thanks