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  1. thanks soooo much
  2. Hello, I know this is going to be kinda weird question. I was wondering if anybody knew the outside diameter of the front wheel bearings on a 05 250f. Here is why I am asking. I am building a 78 yami xs650 chopper deal and have a few front wheels laying around off my 250f. So I am going to run it but I need new bearings OD to fit the 250f then I gotta get the ID of the 650 and I can go down to the local bearing shop and pick them up. Then just mill up some spacers and good to go. Thanks guys Scotty
  3. Thanks everybody. Keep em coming. We are trying to get that thing over 1000!
  4. Thanks everybody! Yesterday was our last day of riding until we can get it figured out. The community is behind us just one guy dragging us down. Keep the signitures coming
  5. Thanks everybody keep them comin! And thanks for forwarding it too! Trying to get the word out!
  6. I have checked and re-checked the site does not want any money. Please everybody help us save our local track. It is free to put your email and name on there and whatever you would like to comment on if you do. Thanks again Scott
  7. Due to less than a handfull of complaints, our local MX Track is on the verge of being closed down! This is just about the only family oriented activity there is availible in this small town of Grants Pass, Oregon. We now find outselves in the precarious situation of accumulating signatures in order to combat this utterly ridiculous claim. At this point I implore anyone concerned with this matter to please visit the site below and sign the petition to SAVE GPMX. Thanks for your time. Scott
  8. I use rotella 15-40 (white bottle) in both sides of my 04. That this is still working on stock parts. Well over 100 hours on that thing and the valves are still in check and it still pulls. Never once had a problem using rotella and would reccomend it to anybody. The oil gets changed every two rides or once every weekend at the dunes out here.
  9. Thats what I assumed, so I was trying to find out who it was so I could get some for my 04. Hoss who can I get ahold of to get these babys on there way?
  10. Who is making these?
  11. Are they going to be availible for the 04 450??
  12. As far as the font tire goes, not worth it in my opinion. They do seem to turn a little bit better but not noticible enough for me to change the front tire all the time thats for sure. Dont know about the maxis, although I have seen them. Seems like it could work ok for dual purpose.
  13. If you are running a 450, an 8 paddle at least. A six paddle is made for a 250f. I run a nine paddle on mine and have rode 8,9, and 10's. I like the 9 the best. Drop that presure down and you will find a lot more hook as well. I ride oregon dunes 2-3 weekends a month.
  14. Thanks bro. It sure came together well I think.
  15. I beg to differ! Here ya go