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    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    Don't take "intended use" as necessarily a negative. In my comments I used the term "intended use" also, but that was in terms of it being a small CC dual sport that was not designed for extreme off road riding. The very same could be said about many other bikes out there, and many of those from Japanese manufacturers, i.e. Suzuki DR 200, etc. And for the record, I like the DR200 better, but at 3 times the price it is NOT 3 times the bike...period.
  2. rsamson830

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    I bought the Kazuma 200 which I believe is very similiar to yours. Mine was $1300.00, and delivered by crate to my front door. I agree that assembly isn't for a novice, mine had a manual that didn't match the bike and wasn't clear whatsoever. I found no breakage of anything at delivery, and ended up with more nuts and bolts then I could place on the bike (which made me nervous at first, but finally figured out they were just extras and belonged nowhere). I have a number of other bikes, and my wife rides this one. No problems other than a battery that failed, most likely to overcharging. I'm not sure I'd buy another or not, but don't have any regrets whatsoever on the one I bought....for my intended purposes...
  3. rsamson830

    Chinese dual sport motorcycles

    I own one of these chinese dual sports (branded under Kazuma) and they can be a good value depending on why you're buying and the intended use. I bought one for my wife, so she can ride with me (my bike is a DRZ400S). My comparison is drawn directly with a DR200, which I've owned and ridden... First the negatives --- - Some of the plastics used are not up to par in feel and quality. Most noticeable in the controls on the handlebars (but I've experienced no failure of these). - As mentioned in earlier posts, steel is used where the DR200 may use a lighter weight/stronger alloy. - Battery is a joke, mine failed after a month and looks like a toy (fortunately there is a kick start). - Parts could be hard to come by, not many dealers established and I've heard horror stories on the wait for parts. The positives --- - Low, low cost. Mine was about $1600.00 delivered by crate to my front door. For the same cost of a Japanese equivalent, you can put 2 in your fleet and have enough change left for a motorcycle trailer. - Power is sufficient for entry level or casual use, with a top end that will get you 65-70mph. Acceleration feels a bit slower at the bottom end when compared to the DR200. - Brakes are good, mine came with front AND rear disk brakes. - Front and rear suspension is adequate if your not trying to compare to an off-road only machine or bigger displacement dual sport. Mine came with heavier duty front forks that was an upgrade over the "standard" Kazuma model. - Contrary to what I've read here, this one seems very reliable. Starts on 2nd or 3rd kick, no mechanical issues whatsoever. I think people sometimes get close minded to these bikes. Yes, you can find things to harshly critique, and if they were priced out close to a DR200 or XT225, that would be justified. But they are a good value if you are considering one for your significant other to ride, an entry level bike, or just a "ride around the campground or forest service bike" for anyone who isn't in to getting extreme air or challenging every biker that gets within eye contact...and I wouldn't recommend that with the DR200 or XT225 either....