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  1. songtech

    *noob* front wheel removal question

    thanks 4 all the help fellas!! Getting the wheel itself off and back on went pretty easy. Looked like I probably wouldn't have had to disconnect the speedo cable but oh well. Getting the tire back on the rim after putting in the new tube sucked moldy azz. I wrestled the bastage for nearly 2 hours with about a half dozen flat screwdrivers and a couple of car tire irons but in the end I got 'er done!! Yeah, the tip about the spacer came a little late LOL. I'd like to say that now that it's over I feel a sense of pride at having accomplished this on my own without my dads help or money but the truth is, it just sucked.
  2. songtech

    *noob* front wheel removal question

    Thanks a million!! The guy I bought the bike from had lost the owners manual What about the speedometer cable, do I have to disconnect it and if so, how? Just by looking at the wheel..it appears that I loosen the nuts and then slide the axle out to remove the wheel? This sucks because I have NEVER taken off a motorcycle wheel or even watched someione do it. I always worked on my BMX but am just learing to do stuff on the DRZ. I've got a flat on the front and no $$ to have it done at a shop so it's either do it myself or don't ride. thanx
  3. I've only gone around in circles using 'search' on this. what is the procedure for removing and reinstalling the front wheel on a DRZ400 S ? What are the torque specs, what comes off first, etc..I know it's probably a stoopid question but just want to make sure I do it right, I once had a front wheel come off a BMX bike in mid air and don't care to repeat the feat
  4. I'm going to try changing out my own tires for the first time and am using the search feature for tips. One phrase that keeps coming up is drop center...what does that mean? thanks
  5. songtech

    DRZ throttle grip replacement....

    yep, I suffered a bloody thumb as well on that same project!! While attempting to remove the throttle side I sliced my thumb wide open on whatever the hell that little disk is that the factory grip fit over. Anyone else know what i'm talking about? That job turned out way more intense than it had any right to be IMHO!!
  6. songtech

    TT & Teraflex............USA or China???

    LOL, you are one funny dude. What's it gonna take for you?? The Peoples Republic of China flag stamped in bold blazing color 4 times on each side of the tires??? The tires comes with with 2 pounds of rice cakes with all orders? ROFLMAO You're killin' me. This is not my first post, I'm on a PC at my coisins house where we are visiting and couldn't remember my password on my regular username so I just quicklike created another till I get back home. All I can say is, if I ever kill somebody and get caught, I hope to hell you are on the jury is all I can say.
  7. songtech

    TT & Teraflex............USA or China???

    http://www.onoffroad.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=TERA-FLEX-REAR&Category_Code=chenmx read it..."Cheng Shin Teraflex tire" The layout of the lugs, the font and spacing of the lettering of the Cheng Shin Teraflex in the photo all match mine exactly. Other photos of the Teraflex tires that are know to be made in the USA by the stamp "made in the USA" have a different design than the chinese made Teraflex I posess. See that tire here: http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0UwCRAoYaU4FaxdpZQl!I5H*j8mpqjmyv!pIPxO7ST9EnQc0rHfDpjVd0Y4YQZvSjdcTiwCiOpg!wvMNcAfr8C6Kmtg2u0NflctROj3BB*OQvzvNAkkcKoU3WTyrv2eiJ/TeraFlexType2picA.jpg The lug layout is different and the USA tire has those little rubber feeler thingies sticking up on all the lugs, my tire that does not say "made in the USA" did not have them. go to this distributor...there are 3 links to click on. Keda, Maxxis and Cheng Shin. Click on the "Cheng Shin" link and guess what tire pops up with the legend, "Cheng Shin" above it? No, heck I'm not going to spoil the fun ....go ahead and just click it. old cached Teraflex webpage says "motosteel" and "made in usa" both displayed quite pruodly The new webpage http://www.intercotire.com/site53.php no longer says "made in USA" hmmm, I wonder why? Proof enough for me.