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  1. rainman007

    Mike Calleb, Brocton NY, know him?

    This guy sold a bunch of MX stuff on Ebay and then vanished and forgot to ship the stuff. Just wondering if anyone knows him.
  2. rainman007

    KX 100 vs. Crf150RB

    my son won supermini championship on a kx100. He also recently rode the 150. he thinks the 150 would be easier to ride. In my opinion, they are not worth the money and require expensive maintaince that would make the 2 stroke a much less expensive experience for us working dads. FYI, We know of 2 that are eating valves.
  3. rainman007

    Horrible crash photo

    too bad about the bike
  4. rainman007

    Any suggestions on slowing down a RM65?

    yes Neil is right. The PW50 comes with a restrictor and it a washer that fits between the headpipe and the head
  5. rainman007

    what my new stock exhaust worth?

    I have a new stock exhaust from and 05 DRZSM that I am going to list on Ebay and I am wondering what it is worth, the end cap has been removed, but it is MINT
  6. rainman007

    How many miles between oil changes?

    once a week
  7. rainman007

    FCR 39 Didn't fit 06s,frame in the way!

    if you hit it enough you will be able to remove the motor and have way more room I would suggest a demo hammer to make the job easier. I was just wondering, did you win the bike?
  8. rainman007

    aprilia 550 are they junk?

    I know the new aprilia SMs are nice looking bikes. I have read several posts on another forum where new owners have oil leaks, cracked sub frames, electrical problems and other problems. Anyone wanna share their aprilia experience to date? I am thinking I want one but I am looking for quality. Thanks
  9. rainman007

    FMF power bomb and radiator

    i removed one of the rubber grommets that mount the rad to the frame, pushed up on the rad and tightened the bolt. gained about a quarter of an inch and no probs
  10. rainman007

    Storing stock steel tank

    u can get it at any shop that sells watercraft
  11. I recently sold my drzsm and i am thinking of building an SM. So I was wondering, if money was not a factor what would you guys build? I think I would like to have the following items on this bike - Alum frame - aftermarket spoke sm wheels - do 100mph plus - reliable without 100 hr rebuilds so what do u guys think, what should i start with?
  12. rainman007

    Eddie Help please!!

    This is funny. Eddie you shoul;d charge 99cents per post. At least then if people dont take your advice its worth another 99 cents to say it again.
  13. rainman007

    just sold the 05 DRZ SM

    I just sold my black SM. I just wanted to say if anyone is thinking of buying one this was the best bike I ever owned. I will either buy another next spring or build a SM bike over the winter. The Suzuki DRZ is IMHO the best little bike ever made.
  14. rainman007

    Power Wheelie

    I gone for miles on my 05 SM link to a stunt show I was in http://media.putfile.com/Stuntapalooza2006
  15. rainman007

    Burned...? or ne one good at "backing it in"

    here is an easy way to practice. run up to 10 mph corners doinh 50mph and slow down for the corner with a combo of gearing down and the front brake. dont try to back it in yet. you will start to see that you can slow the rear wheel and unstick the rear end and still have control after you get a good feel for this, just start doing it on some wider corners and deeper into the corner. good luck. advice to the wise. the dirt is the place to learn to ride