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    spankin' newbs on my GSXR 1000
  1. do you have to be a AMA member for open practice or can anyone show up?
  2. I have to tell this story, my grandfather was blind, went blind when he was 18 yrs. old. excellent mechanic, but he would rebuild small engines just by the feel of the parts. anyway, one day while rebuilding a 5 hp. briggs and stratton, my dad told me to go ask grandpa what he was doing, and put these bolts on the bench with the other ones without grandpa hearing me set them down. well 3 hours later and more curse words then my 7 year old ears could handle, my dad told him what we did. it was run for the hills, and don't look back. a couple hours later we were aloud back in the house. still funny to this day. had to be the most evil thing I did as a child.
  3. I hope he knows were just joking, he might not ever come on here again.
  4. sure, as soon as I find my paddile socket in my tool box. anyone need a left-handed pipe wrench?
  5. looks like the nut that holds my muffler bearings in. well, I have to go find my wing nut wrench and adjust my headlight fluid in my truck. bye.
  6. stiltz

    jetting for hotcams?

    cool, thanks for the info. just waiting for the rain to stop.
  7. stiltz

    jetting for hotcams?

    did anyone have to make jetting changes when they installed both intake and exhaust hotcams? my bike is a 05 drz sm. have the fcr-mx yosh full Ti trc 3x3, ek plug, blah,blah. haven't really had a chance to ride it, except around the block. seems to run ok, but just wondering if anyone had to fatten their carb up. I did get a low rpm bog, but I think it was just cold. thanks for the help.
  8. stiltz

    I'm feeling stupid again.....

    here's alittle bit of dirt, http://www.untamedvelocity.com/videos/DRZ2006.wmv dial up beware. I have more SM's in the dirt video, but haven't pieced it together yet.
  9. stiltz

    Any high mileage drz-400sm?

    8k in 13 months. ride mostly street. tried to blow it up one night. 95 mph for 25 highway miles. wanted a big bore, needless to say it still runs great with original inturnals. and never had the valve cover off.
  10. stiltz

    drz or ktm

    I put 8000 miles of hard road riding on my DRZ sm in one summer. dollar for dollar there is no better bike. never had one problem. still runs like a swiss watch. just the support from this forum should make up your mind. it made up mine.
  11. I'd get rid of the mustang. then big bore the bike with a supermoto kit.
  12. stiltz

    Anyone from Allentown, PA

    I live in levittown, but ride north of new hope. met some guy who rides with alot of guys around blue mountian.
  13. stiltz

    Graphics from the "Rising Sun"

  14. stiltz

    Supermoto style without the roadrash!

    I have two black stock SM fenders mint. holla back!
  15. stiltz

    New DRZ400SM dies on test ride

    check your oil.