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  1. This happened to me a couple of times with my 03 crf450. I found that it happened when I stabbed at the kick starter. I know that this machine likes deliberate full strokes beginning at the very top to the very bottom. Also you should verify your oil and level in the tranny. Hopefully you have the same outcome as me. Problem solved!!
  2. Thanks for the replies. I've still got about one month, maybe two, till the snow flies, and my honda shop could have it here in about 6 days. Anything else I should know before trying it??
  3. Question for the carb experts If I were to use the newest needle from honda for the 450 would my 03 run better???
  4. Has anyone tried it??
  5. Has anyone tried changing the needle jet from the old versions like the 02-04 to the new one that comes standard on the 06. I think it is the ncyq needle jet??? I was thinking that it could be one of those very cheap improvements that the factory made. Any thoughts??
  6. First off I'd like to thank TT and all you guys for all the excellent advice. I've learned so much and have prevented so many mistakes thanks to you guys I've owned my 03 crf450r for two years and have had the time of my life. This has been the best bike I've ever owned, and I've owned a couple (86kx250, 88cr250r, 94rm250, 93cr250r, 87xr250, 79rm100, and a bunch of others) including street bikes. I really love this bike. Oh yeah, carb boot. Recently, I've replaced my intake valves, had my frame welded, and repaired my head pipe following a most excellent crash ( took a stump at the front right axle and have never been ejected from anything soo fast) So today after my ride, I was sitting and marveling at its beauty and noticed that the carb boot at the air box side was missing the screw and was partially off. All I know is that I work really hard to get that air filter out, clean, and back in and was really to find the dirt being fast tracked into my engine. I ride in sand and pretty dusty conditions so I'm really worried about the life I've taken from my valves. She still fires up pretty good so I'll wait till the snow before I check. Thanks again guys and hope I can help some of you guys some time.
  7. I thought it would have been solar powered Butt I was wrong!!