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  1. Throttlejockey

    KTM casting stamp for 280 cyl?

    Yes, it's stamped 280 right on the side of it.
  2. Throttlejockey

    wp (rant) thankyou

    For someone who admitted to only racing motocross 3 times coming from road racing your credentials don't hold water here. Sorry.
  3. I guess the R&D worked.....he won the main event on that chopper...
  4. Throttlejockey

    Flatland Skid Plate

    The mounting setup is pretty good. It's got the bracket across the front with 4 bolts that hold it and the 2 in the back that bolt directly into the frame. I put silicone on the front bracket,then tighten it down. Then it stays in place when you remove the skid plate. You can also order a 1/4" thick skid plate for serious rock riding. I have a friend that ran one of those on his XCF250. Looks like the coupon code that was 20% off and free shipping doesn't work anymore. That would be too expensive for me also. Flatland would be my second choice.
  5. Throttlejockey

    Flatland Skid Plate

    I've torn off just about every skid plate made on my 08 that I had. I'm trying a Scorpion on my '10 and so far so good. You can find a 20% coupon in a google search.
  6. Throttlejockey

    New Works Connection Full Skidplate ideas?

    I've had skid plates slide back on me when hitting something hard. I imagine the WC plate would move even easier with the rubber mounts. Probably good for moto but not off-road.
  7. Throttlejockey

    New Works Connection Full Skidplate ideas?

    I have a Scorpion skid plate on mine now. So far so good. You can order one 1/4" thick for severe rock riding. The first ding I get on my frame rail I'm ordering one that thick.
  8. Throttlejockey

    New Works Connection Full Skidplate ideas?

    Crap! I had dented frame rails from one of those.
  9. Throttlejockey

    Help - Installed stator - won't run

    Not to worry, TT will make it right. The techs are really good and the service is 2nd to none. Give them a call.
  10. Throttlejockey

    Smoke out the engine breather tube on 2008 450 SXF

    Sounds like it's time for a set of rings and possibly a piston..
  11. Throttlejockey

    2007 250 SX-F wet stator?

    Sounds like a crank seal issue.
  12. Throttlejockey

    2007 250 SX-F wet stator?

    I have an XCF and it's stator is in oil, but I thought the SXF was dry behind the stator cover. EDIT- just did a search and if there's no e-start then it should be dry.
  13. Throttlejockey

    250 XCFW/SX Muffler Measurements

    The mounts on the 07 SXF- 2011 XCFW are trhe same. I have both exhausts hanging so I'll check the length shortly. I'm pretty sure the SXF/XCF w/o the spark arrestor is shorter. You may have to do some cutting to the internals.
  14. Throttlejockey


    You should be able to work it out with a dental pick unless you hit the threads trying to drill it out. The bolt isn't bottomed out so it's not tight in the threads.
  15. Throttlejockey

    Best Skid Plates?

    E-Line is now crap made in China. Don't waste your money. If you really want carbon go with the P3. I still recommend the KTM plastic one for your riding.