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  1. Lucky-dog

    Need help on gearing-Arenacross/Motocross

    i run a 13/50 for motocross and 13/52 arenacross
  2. Lucky-dog

    Oil from engine goes to Trans

    I have had some trouble lately with my bike. Now as the post says oil is moving over from my engine side to the tranny side. Anyways how easy is it to replace the seal? do i have to split the cases? do i need a bearing press? I have never ventured into that part of my bike any info will help tremendously.
  3. Lucky-dog

    Have never had this happen before

    holy crap I did take the plate out. never thought it would be that but thanks im on it. sweet
  4. Im pretty good with maintenance on my 05 crf250r. I just pulled the carb off and cleaned it out good and geased up the throttle and even changed all the hoses to the carb to clear blue. Anyways I went to start the bike and pop it goes and does not idle but stay started with the throttle cracked. I started to adjust the fuel screw and idle then i saw my header pipe glowing red. the bike has only been started for a few minutes by now. Then transmission fluid started comming out of the overfill and the bike was backfiring like crazy.. what did I do any idea would help me out tremendously and i have not checked the air boots yet i just stopped and ate a sandwitch not to freak out.
  5. Lucky-dog

    Nose diving off jumps

    slow down your rebound your probaly a smaller guy I had the same problem. Just 2 clicks clock wise
  6. Lucky-dog

    To bail or not?

    I have seen local Pro's come into a race shop here with peg mounts broken off. they say don't bail if your casing only bail if you go over the bars and you can get out of the way of the bike. Just don't lock your knees
  7. Lucky-dog

    need blue bike jokes

    All my buddies ride Yamahas. I feel kind of sorry for them. anyways when we go out and ride i am the minority in the group so you can only imagine what happens. If you have any knocks on Yamahas let me know.
  8. Lucky-dog

    stock spring rate for an 2007 rmz250

    does anyone have a forsure answer. i just ebayed a set both fork and shock.
  9. Lucky-dog

    will they fit

    thanks ryan. im only 165 pounds and those things are stiff as hell for my ability.
  10. Lucky-dog

    will they fit

    have a crf250f 05. the bike had heavy springs in like the kind in a crf450. well i have a set of rmz250f springs 07. are these interchangable or should i just just buy new springs.
  11. Lucky-dog

    forget white bros

    my best friend just installed a R&D Carb bowl. the bike runs better than any 250f ive ever ridden. the only thing is is that the bowl cost 220.00 usd
  12. Lucky-dog

    Putting a 120 on the rear.

    hay guys thanks for all the help i have a 2005 Crf250r. I think i will try the 110 to see if i can grab some more tracktion. Thanks again FAiJT
  13. Lucky-dog

    Putting a 120 on the rear.

    Its time for new tires again. I have always used starcross 100-90-19. Ive noticed that some of the local pros are using 130-80-19 on the back of there 250f's. Although these were Yamahas has anyone tried to fit a 130 or a 120 on there CRF250r. Just need your oppinions please
  14. Lucky-dog

    how do you bring it back...

    Yes land with the front tire straight and with throttle on. I ve dislocated both my elbow and should from panicing and freezing up. just stay calm straighten your bars and land with throttle.
  15. Lucky-dog

    Big bore or Hot Cam and HC piston?

    From my Friends bikes they put the big bore kits in and it is hell trying to get them jetted right.