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  1. ncdude

    450 weight

    thanks. Any idea if that's with oil and coolant or without?
  2. ncdude

    450 weight

    does anybody know the weight of a crf450R motor?
  3. ncdude

    Standard Factory SMs

    I have looked at the smr 625 recently. ktm list the hp at 21kw- which I converted (possibly incorrectly) to 28hp. This seems low. It does say ( homologated ) next to this figure. Whats the deal!
  4. ncdude

    yz450f weight

    I could tell you, but I would have to kill you! I am contemplating a supercart.
  5. ncdude

    yz450f weight

    does anybody know the appoximate weight of a Yz450 motor?