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    Suspension problem

    Thanks, guys. You gave me a few things to check out. I'm 200 (205 after big lunch today?), 5'10''. I don't buy the 'no problem found' from the dealer. Something is definitely wrong. Still love the bike. I had a crf250r before this. The 450 is way better on the trails and still acceptable (sort of) on a mild track. I guess the truth is a guy really needs several bikes (of which a 450x is a great one for big trails). Maybe I'll win the lottery. I would be interested to hear how other 200lb guys have adjusted the settings on their 450x.
  2. 450xrider

    Suspension problem

    I have a 2005 CRF450x (great bike overall). I overjumped a double and really bottomed out my suspension. Since then, my front suspension has been very loose. No leaks. Seal looks fine. Adjusted it to hardest setting to keep riding. Later it seemed to get better and returned to factory settings before taking it to the Honda dealer (for some other stuff - normally try to do my own work). The Honda dealer said the usual "no problem found". It is still very soft. I know the R Riders are going to say that it is soft anyway - which it is softer than an R, but something is wrong. Any ideas?