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    Drz Deer Moto Attack

    The safest thing for a deer to do when it is being pursued is to bounce around unpredictably. It's pursuer can't, well, ...predict where it's going. It's instict. Sometimes it saves the deer. If you want to eliminate the chance of a collision, choose to stop and choose to ride slow enough to be able to do so. Deer signs, woods, carcasses, etc. all indicate a pending threat. There are better ways to go than to be broken, lying in the road covered in deer innards...
  2. Of course, hp/torque, weight, and quality/build material are hot issues when you choose an exhaust. Sound is also an important factor. Out of the top full systems, is there one that performs well without harassing the neighbors? If there is already a comparison (haven't had luck finding one), where can I find it? ~Jason
  3. Jasonixo

    Anyone else get pulled over alot?

    I think you misunderstood what he said. Either that, or you are just interested in slandering him. If that's the case, waste your breath elsewhere. Because of human nature, laws on the books are nothing without enforcement. It is impossible to enforce laws 100%, no matter what country you live in. A law doesn't un-arm a criminal. It isn't a hard concept to understand. Reality doesn't always follow the lawbooks. That is why prison and punishments and crime exist...they live between legal theory and legal reality. If all humans had good and true intent, we wouldn't need laws, rules, or even money. England has very prohibitive gun ownership laws, correct? What is happening to the levels of violent crimes in England? boots-uk- It's a shame you have such a negative attitude toward cops. I assume that you are perfect and have done nothing whatsoever to warrant any negative behavior from an officer? You seem to be the common factor in "never meeting any decent coppers". Try treating them the way you'd like to be treated. I guess the Golden Rule is too simple and cliche for many people to accept as valid. Perhaps one day you'll develop a reasonable level of intelligence and realize that jobs and uniforms don't make people think and act the same way. You entire first statement is completely invalid and a waste of typing. "Sometimes all we have to rely upon are stereotypes" -Then you don't have enough information, and your opinion is useless at best. Yours is actually slanderous. "Now that I am in my late 30's, coppers are appearing to look younger." -It is indeed a fact that as you get older, there are more younger people around. Wisdom and maturity come with age. Everyone takes that journey. La-motor- you seem like you try to be a good cop- that is very commendable. I hope your retort to boots was only in response to his gross generalization and not a common practice. There is no room for anyone to use such judgement, that goes double for a police officer. joker650- A cop who thinks his job is hard is "a dik-head on a power trip"? I hope you come across a cop who fits your bill. You deserve it. jme- you can hide behind a connotation, but Gun Control is a helluva lot more than a law on paper. Read my second paragraph again. When I was 18 I had an exceptionally bad experience with an officer. I ended up losing my license over it and was not guilty of the accusation. I was denied a hearing to fight my case- how's THAT for red tape?!. Am I bitter? Sure- I hate that cop. Do I hate all cops? Hell no. They are all individuals. Some may be worse than him, many are a lot better than he is. Putting a human being in uniform doesn't change the fact the they are human. I'd say most of them are doing damn well for the portion of society that they put up with for most of their waking hous of the day.
  4. Jasonixo

    Anyone else get pulled over alot?

    Assuming you has a positive attitude towards the officer, perhaps take a minute to educate him about the bike and the fact that it was built street-legal by Suzuki, not you. Do it without an argumentative or a matter-of-fact tone... Honestly, how were you riding? Were you sticking feet out, goin full bore, riding like there was a lap timer on you? If so, the bike probably won't look very legal simply by the way it is being ridden. Something like that would probably get more attention from me if I were a policeman.
  5. Jasonixo

    OT-----BS long

    The best of my thoughts go to ya Sarge- no matter what oral excrement comes outta the mouths of some people these days. Too many people are used to getting something for nothing. Ah well- they can't help it... their heads are shoved so far up their asses, it's hard to expect anything but s#!t to come outta their mouths when they talk... 9/11 was a supreme tragedy, but it gave Americans a reason to be thankful for being American. Too bad the feeling is already dwindling... "I don't wanna talk about politics and my freedom! Fear Factor is on!" Again- Best to ya Sarge- and everyone performing such an honorable deed as you are- Please know that atleast one American civilian holds you all dear... Jason
  6. Jasonixo

    White Brothers R4????

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=207448 Look at number 11-
  7. I think I will be getting a DRZ in the future and I have been doing a lot of research both here and advrider.com. I'm gonna avoid regurgitating any repetitive/faq questions, so I have thought of a few things I'd like answers about... I'm sorry if they've been covered! First- the 3x3 airbox mod. what is the significance of 3x3? Is it simply the largest hole you can make, or is a 9" sq. hole important? If the size of the hole is dynamically important, wouldn't a 3.385" dia. circle (same surface area) be a better shaped hole considering the structural integrity of the airbox? Has anyone experienced cracks in their airbox after adding a 3x3" square? Second- With all the mcct talk I see, should this be something I consider modifying if I get an 05 or 06 model bike? If the number if failures have dropped after M.Y. 2003, can this be attributed to specific valve train changes from Suzuki? Are the valves still 2-piece? Third- This may be a little "faqy".... I currently have a 1998 Buell S1W...I will probably keep the bike and add a DRZ. If so, the DRZ will be purely for play. Irregardless of price, would I be better off getting an SM and a set of off-road gear for occasional trail riding, or an S and an SM set-up for occasional road-play? I am definitely interested in playing with a supermotard on asphalt, but I don't want to destroy my occasional dirt capability. Thanks for the help ladies and gents-
  8. Jasonixo

    Video of me and my band jumpin our duel sports

    It's madness to think a head injury is bad? You didn't say anything to offend anyone...you taped something that displayed quite a bit of stupidity. You can downplay the issue as much as you like, but accidents are accidental... No one expects one or plans for one. I take it you're OK with a ruined future for your band, your family, etc. if one (or more) of your buds dies because gear wasn't "worth it"? Seriously man... any embarrassment (or whatever) from wearing a helmet would be completely overshadowed by a death from not wearing one...
  9. Jasonixo

    My first 'real' dirt bike ride!

    Yeah Huey- do tell! I'm NE of ATL, don't have an offroad bike yet, but I'd like to compile a list of good places to ride. Hopefully a DRZ is in my future!
  10. Jasonixo

    What do you do when a traffic signal won't change?

    I saw in a recent AMA magazine that GA is currently debating a bill to allow motorcycles to proceed at a red light if there is no change of the signal. The article did not list guidelines or stipluations, but hopefully it will set a precedent for others to follow...