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  1. yeh it seems to sag a bit when I crank on it in first, it doesnt do it all the time just when I put it completely to the end of the highest throttle position. other than that it works awesome through the powerband....I definetly notice a difference.
  2. Hey so I got my XRL all fitted up with a RT4 slip on, uni filter and I took a big jump from a 152 main jet to a 160, my question is was my jump too large or will my filter and exhaust compensate for my big jump? thanks a lot. Also, I just pulled out the main jet and screw the new one in, should I have done any other mods while I had it apart or is that all you do when changing main jets, from smaller to larger? thanks
  3. so I got the RT 4 on and I had to get a mid pipe made because the one I got didnt fit. (for an xr650r). I havent modded my XRL at all since I have put on the Jardine, my plug looks fine, no white residue, has regular chared look, no backfire but a little popping here and there so I think I am going to leave it as is? or should I change anything? I ordered a 160 main jet but I don't think I am going to put it in because my bike runs awesome through the power band anyway as is. Opinions welcome. Thanks.
  4. rode one of these last week, pretty peppy machines.
  5. if I have a pipe a new pilot and main jet and filter would I go ahead and remove the snorkel? if so, where is it and how do i do it? is it fairly easy? thanks!
  6. Thanks a lot. If all goes well I should be flying, I'll let you know the outcome. Thanks again.
  7. thanks, but some people say that with a pipe and filter you only need to get a larger main jet. I know a jet kit would be better performace wise, but I do not have the cash right now. The daves mods seem tedious if I can remember correctly and I am not ready to go that far. Can I go with a larger pilot and main? just the two? if so, what sizes would be good for me? thanks in advance again. OK so I think I am going with a 55 pilot jet and a 160 main jet, how many turns should I turn my air fuel mixture screw in order for it all to work together with my jardine pipe? Thanks a lot for anyone's help. And if you think I should't go with those jet sizes let me know. Thanks.
  8. Hey so I got a jardine slip on for my 2001 XRL 650. RT-Four Aluminum Slip-On, Spark Arrest I want to slap a uni filter into it, and therefore probably need to jet it. What size main jet is in my carb now? and what size should I jump to? thanks. There are a set of main jets on ebay I may get depending on your response. They are # 155 #160 #165 #170 These are all main jets. I assume I only need one. I live in southern New brunswick, Canada if that helps. Thanks in advance for your help. If I need anything else do not hesitate to reccomend.
  9. just wondering what kit I buy for my bike. XR650L 2001. just want an easy kit, no manual mods....ex: no drilling shaving etc.. thanks
  10. so I have a 2001 XR650L I want to put a jet kit in it but w/o making any manual mods. just want to take the stockies out and put the new ones in.. anyone have advice as to what kit I would buy?