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  1. BigBoreRacing

    Green River locals

    Unforunatly, thats race car weekend for me.
  2. BigBoreRacing

    Moab Info Look here 1st before you post

    The short answer is yes
  3. BigBoreRacing

    F -suwa

    Thanks Eric!
  4. BigBoreRacing

    F -suwa

    Fixed...thanks Firecracker:thumbsup:
  5. BigBoreRacing

    F -suwa

    Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab http://www.mikenoel.com/contact_form.cfm Please let him know he's appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab http://www.mikenoel.com/contact_form.cfm Please let him know he's appreciated. Thanks!
  7. BigBoreRacing

    San Rafael Swell 3/1

    Thats for the Green River Valley...not sure on the swell. And by Sat. north of I-70 should be good in the Valley.
  8. BigBoreRacing

    Green River 2/22

    Heres a few pix from Fridays ride in Green River....I didn't get any pix from Sat. because I only made about 10 miles before My ol' 6fiddy and I had to get a pick-up ride back to the barn because I blew a gasket...and so did the 6fiddy Maybe Enterprize will fill us in on Saturdays ride. The "crew" "Enterprize" on his sweet new 300 He let me try his new 300 on a big climb....Impressive This got a chuckle outta me.....We stop before a tricky rocky climb And I suggest I go up and take some pix..."Enterprise" (who was doing the same trail a few weeks earlier, and had a fall down on this part) says "yeah go up and get a pic of my feet streight up in the air....hahaha" well....ok More of the same section The one muddy section we found (Had to put this in for Tim lol) I came extremely close to to sailin' over the bars in this spot....so I quickly run back so I can stop the other guys from making the same mistake...well, I let Tim know "hang way left" "OK" Not sure if he was still a lil' off because of the coolant hose he just fixed or what but... he followed near the same line I did on the right and...... lol.. ( just messin with ya Tim ) What a blast...hope to do it again with y'all soon! Thanks guys
  9. BigBoreRacing

    Riding in Green River this Saturday

    yep......riding all three days..I'm hoping the weather is atleast half as good as it was today:thumbsup:
  10. BigBoreRacing

    Western Co

    Two thumbs up!
  11. BigBoreRacing

    Riding in Green River this Saturday

    Looking like the trails here are going to be awesome for this weekend.
  12. BigBoreRacing

    Riding in Green River this Saturday

    Depending on what happens with the weather tonight....the trails should be perfect.....I'll let you know what happens tonight
  13. BigBoreRacing

    Western Co

    White wash should be awesome this weekend
  14. BigBoreRacing

    Green River Conditions

    Thanks Shan......I tried to call you today and ask that very thing. You know that funny little thing in your pocket that makes all that noise?...yeah, thats your phone. lol
  15. BigBoreRacing

    Green River Conditions

    If you were planning on coming to Green River this weekend........Scratch 8 fresh inches of snow on the ground this morning.....and even if it melts of quick...It'll be way too muddy