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  1. rmztwo50

    this ok?

    be prepared to fix everything
  2. rmztwo50

    Broken Collar Bone. How long?

    dude i broke mine just under 7 weeks ago.... ive been taking these things called coral calcium. its helped a ton. 5 weeks in i was riding my 50. yesterday i was at my friends 50 track.. i hit a double thing and tried to scrub it( first time trying to scrub on a 50) i screwed up and slammed into a tree. my collar bone was fine. so i guess my suggestion is to get some calcium pills. get better soon.
  3. i think if you race you have to use a grip throttle....(thatsthe rule in south carolina)
  4. rmztwo50

    whos your favroite rider vote here

    umm drake mcelroy. freestyle but i think he has the best style on a bike. racing or freestyle.
  5. rmztwo50

    Colorado (srac?)

    cool thanks
  6. rmztwo50

    Cops Found My Son's Crf50!!!!!!!!

    people these days. im sorry for the loss. congrats on getting the bike back. its not even my bike but id like to tazar those little bitches.
  7. hey i was just wondering how exactly to join srac???
  8. rmztwo50

    how in gods name???

    thats a good idea ttrer. the only problem is i have a broken collar bone right now so i cant do much but the snow shoveling thing sounds like a good idea.
  9. rmztwo50

    how in gods name???

    hahahahahahaha all of just need to read the whole thread and youd realize that i have already gone through this yes i am an ass thank you all for reminding me. as for the trend. i get beat everytime off the gate. it blows when im racing 450s and 250 2 strokes. im not the best so any edge i can get over the comp would be great. o ya what jobs did you have when you were 12???? i bet they didnt pay for a new bike! i cant buy a used cuz i need to make payments cuz it takes me a damn long time to get any money. get off my back you ********.
  10. rmztwo50

    how in gods name???

    im going riding next weekend ill try and get some pics then. its not to bad but its pretty funny! im going to bed its 12:12 where i live. thanks again for all of your help and frustration! i appreciate it. ill get the pics up some how soon! talk to you later.
  11. rmztwo50

    how in gods name???

    ya its cutting it close though the bike is at a pretty good angle but i have found a way to master starting at a 40 degree angle. ahah
  12. rmztwo50

    how in gods name???

    no not really this is gunna make the whole thread pretty funny but i wouldnt be able to afford it. i just use the starting block things.
  13. rmztwo50

    how in gods name???

    ahahah im short im 5'4", 120lbs i could tell you my hair color too. ahahahahah j/k
  14. rmztwo50

    how in gods name???

    i did go to a bike shop and sat on an rmz.... the word i could think of was wow its pretty cool but good things will come in time i have learned.