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  1. Hello Corky, About those 760 Kendas for the XT350, do you know what the biggest rear size is - it looks like the 110/100 or 100/100 would fit, don't think the 120/100 would fit? For the front the 80/100-21 seems right? Thanks again, Mark
  2. Hello Corky, Thanks for the reply and Baja photos - nothing like a light bike on those rocky goat trails!! I rode the stock XT350 up at Kennedy Meadows last weekend and had a blast - except for the pogoing in the deep whoops, and stock tires washing out. I talked to Progressives' very knowledgable technical support, and plan to do one change at a time - first the springs with 10W to see how much that stiffens up the front end, and then maybe try the ATF - its definitely a black science. I think I'll give the Kendas a try - for the price, what the heck! Re: Ebay - keep an eye out for stock purple air scoops, rear foot pegs, seat strap, chain guard, kickstand switch, stock exhaust, steel tank, and all the other little stuff that weighs a trail bike down! BTW, has anyone come up with an aftermarket electric start - what a joy on my friends Honda 230! Thanks again, Mark
  3. Hello Corky, Thanks for the XT350 rebuild information and photos. Just bought a 1994 with 600 miles on it for mountain trail riding (have a KTM 640 for open desert). Am changing the tank (Clarke), exhaust (SuperTrapp), tires (not sure yet?) and front springs (Progressive 11-1136 as you recommended). Regarding the springs, I'm curious why you didn't use the stock spacer if there was only 1/4" difference? Also, do you know the equivalant fork oil weight that the ATF is comparable to; I was planning to use 15W fork oil with the new springs instead of the stock 10W. Any tire recommendations? Need any stock parts in like new condition?