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  1. b1m9x

    Ecuador-good trails and gps data

    Anyone have that stuff. Or at least general ideas where some very technical, and challenging riding is located here in ecuador. Ive been here 4 months and have been a little dissapointed with the riding situation. So if anyone has any information it would be really appreciated.
  2. b1m9x

    Would a 450F be too much for me?

    Im 16 6,2 and 160 lbs. I ride both a ktm 450mxc and a wr450 however ive rode yz450s and other brands. Personally i can handle the bikes pretty well however i have had quite a bit of experience on a bike in some of the worst conditions in the world. I mostly ride enduros and long trips so in the woods i find it hard to totally take advantage of the 450 motor but i know very few people who actually can. My recomendation for you is get something smaller. For the past 3 years i rode a honda cr250 and that was pretty decent however it did get boring after a while. But yeah with the amount of saddle time you say you have, stay away from big bore 4 strokes. A 250 might be good cause you can run it slow but the bike will also fly if ya want it to... Just my 2 cents
  3. Oh i was lookin through the pictures and i saw you went riding with lang! Great guy, went on more then 10 trips with that guy and he is a great local rider with loads of skill and fast as heck. Ive been through good times with that guy, what did you think of him?
  4. I lived in cambodia for the past 3 years of my life, while living there i became close friends with many of the members of the riding community and bike shop owners there. With my friends and my 2000 crm250 i was able to travel through virtually every part of "raped and lawless country" as you would say, i do have to admit that i agree heavily with your opinion in referring to it as so. But i must give the country credit, the people are very welcoming and friendly(especially to dirt bikers) and the countryside is beautiful. I was very excited to see this post especialy since i have been to every place in the photos on my bike as well. I am also excited that by posting these pictures you are showing the large tt community of the great riding possibilities there in cambodia, these photos may encourage people to visit and enjoy the wondurful place of cambodia and in doing so helping the economy and people. Also this is nice for me to see since in the past few months i have left cambodia and moved to quito, ecuador. Hopefully i will be able to enjoy this new place as the last one.
  5. b1m9x


    White plastics, red frame, red rims/hubs, if we skip the red rims then put black rims with red tires, red chain, anodized red nuts bolts and whatever, with a big red TT logo on the shrouds
  6. b1m9x

    Best Dirtbike Movie

    One of the best documentaries/motorcycle movie ever made: From Dust to Glory!
  7. b1m9x

    "Killer Boots Man"

    Reed's Tech10s look pretty sweet, and the rims on the bike in the Beriks pic are nice too
  8. b1m9x

    WR450 lighting

    baja designs will wind a stator enough to run an hid system i dunno how many watts that is
  9. b1m9x

    250X for 13 year old, yes? no?

    thanks, personally i wouldnt mind him getting one cause i wanna ride it too. Only problem here in ecuador is the steep price, around $9400 but we could just import one from the states
  10. b1m9x

    250X for 13 year old, yes? no?

    Hi, my family just moved to quito ecuador from cambodia, where me and my dad rode some of the best trails in the world. Part of the move we are purchasing new bikes for everyone, currently i just got a yamaha wr450 dad got a ktm 450mxc and now its my brothers turn. Hes a pretty big kid for his age(13) and my dads thinkin that a 250x might be a good choice for him since they have one in stock and hes not so shure about the bike bein all that powerful. I dissagree with him though, he is basing his opinion on xr250's that were all to common back in cambodia. Im tryin to tell him that the 250x runs a completely different engine based on the 250r model. But hey, neither of us have ridden either model just the xr's so what do yall think?
  11. Whatever you do dont buy the Acerbis DHH headlight, the lights are very low to the fender so much of the light is blocked by the fender. You get alot of wide angle light but not much where it is needed on the ground in front of you.
  12. b1m9x

    Good pricing on a wr450

    i paid 5,800 for my 05 wr a while back
  13. b1m9x

    MSR fuel screw

    good, thanks
  14. b1m9x

    MSR fuel screw

    My parts shop doesnt stock the zip-ty fuel screw, however they do have the MSR fuel screw. Ive read that a few people in the forum use them, is there any major difference between the two? and will the numbers be the same for the jetting guide?