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  1. Giorgio A

    O/T- New boots

    Something else considering the Alpinestars Tech6: I ride with the IMS pro footpegs (the sharp ones) and its a disaster: It just chews the soles like mad. I've Replaced the original 2003-model-sole with the new 2004 sole but guess what - - - after only 6 rides it starts again... horrible wear marks, especially on the left sole (makes sense). The sole & labour are quite expansive, i don't like the idea of replacing it that often. Has anyone tried puting there some other sole?
  2. Giorgio A

    clutch cable recommendations?

    My stock cable is not at its best - after it had been smashed between the steering stopper and the lower clamp (for long period) - it seems to have much more friction. i guess it has been deformed at the smashing point. Oiling it does nothing. I'de like to replace it. i've found the motion-pro T3 cable at TTstore (30$) and the OEM cable for 15$ (plus the 10$ membership...) which one is the best? is there any difference between the E/S models? I only like to retain the original smoothness of the stock DRZ clutch. thank you all.
  3. Giorgio A

    DRZ-E Gearing for street?

    Just changed the stock 15/44 into 14/44 (had to shorten the chain). Works great for me - big difference offroad and still OK on the highway.
  4. Well, another small Question about a tiny component. When installing the 25 pilot jet (3X3, DJ etc.) i have noticed it looks a bit different from the stock one - the inner part is narrower altough it is suppose to be bigger in hole diameter. only then i saw the WB catalog and noticed the two different jets: http://www.gleba.co.il/Gleba/Forums/Attachments/020.jpg mine is VM28/486 of course. Well, the bikes idles perfectly so i presume the pilot circuit works well. Is there any reason why there are to kinds of jets? Is it OK to stay with the VM28/486 or should i switch to the 224.103? Thanks.
  5. I want to reduce the main jet size to 140 or 137.5 (3X3, DJ spring & needle, 142.5 main, 25 pilot) as Burned suggested. Looked at the thumpertalk store but not sure about the right type: 100/604 or the 102/221 series. also the 102/221 has only the 140 jet but no 137.5 one. Here is the list: http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Parts_Unlimited_ATV_2005/default.asp?p2=&s=1&p=841 can anybody help? want to be sure before i make (another) order. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Burned for the quick reply. I'll try it soon (oh no, yanking that thing out again... ) Meanwhile the bike runs great - if everything seems to be smooth i guess i'm not hurting it with an overly rich jet do i? Tal
  7. Hi again. Well, last month i 've installed the following components: complete DRZ-E exhaust system (unmodified end cap) 3X3 hole DJ needle & spring 142.5 stock main jet 25 pilot jet extended mixture screw - 3 1/4 turns out. (elevetion: 0-2500 ft, average humidity) Well, the bike runs great with no hesitations or bogging - but i have expected more... i cant tell how better it is since the sound difference has a psychological effect (though reasonably quiet...) Or am i just greedy?... How different is the E system from the S? I took the liberty to use the 142.5 main jet instead of the recomended-for-stock-exhaust 140 because of the new muffler & header. is it free enough to be considered as the refered "aftermarket system"? Tal
  8. Giorgio A

    E & S exhaust bolt patterns

    Are you serious? How did you do that?
  9. Giorgio A

    E & S exhaust bolt patterns

    I had the same problem, finally i have made this aluminium bracket (the left hole is for the new exhaust): http://www.gleba.co.il/Gleba/Forums/Attachments/exhaust002.JPG installed using the existing peg bolts (the upper one is a little bit longer and locked with a nut from the inner side): http://www.gleba.co.il/Gleba/Forums/Attachments/exhaust003-1.jpg rear view: http://www.gleba.co.il/Gleba/Forums/Attachments/exhaust004.JPG IMPORTANT: make sure the Exhaust won't rub the rear shock spring - i have noticed that after it had polished off some of the spring plastic coating... in that case, remove the bracket and bend it a little toward the footpeg. i did it and it seems OK now, no contact. Good luck.
  10. Giorgio A

    400S Jetting Issue for Burned

    I got Something close: Just finished installing these components on my DRZ-s: Dynojet needle & spring, 4 clip stock 142.5 main jet 25 pilot 3X3 airbox mod (Thanks Burned!) Complete DRZ-E exhaust system (header & muffler) riding conditions: 2000-0 FT elevation, dry. Temp: 75-90F the test ride was dissapointing. the throttle response at low-mid range was somewhat slow, with few hesitations at low speed. at high speed it feels powerful but then i may be confused because of the louder sound... (nice!) Tried to play with mixture screw (2.5-3 turns) but no change. the muffler seems quite hot - hotter then the S one, the air coming out is hot and dry. Any Idea?
  11. Silly me... Well, i've been searching the catalog and found here two kinds of pilot jets: The first one # is KVM2848625 (mikuni VM28/486) The second one # is KM525 (mikuni VM22/210) Which one is the right one for the DRZ400S? i tend to think its the first but want to be 100% sure.
  12. Giorgio A

    Mounting the E exhaust on the S frame?

    The DRZ400E exhaust system.
  13. Hi. Well, i guess it had been done many times but - - - how can i do it WITHOUT losing the passenger footpeg? it looks like a few mm difference - but what a headache... if anyone had succeeded in doing this - i'll be happy to know. Thanx.
  14. Hi. Well, i'm about to upgrade my 2003 DRZ400s with the following components: E-model full exhaust system 3X3 airbox hole Dynojet kit - modified as Burned suggested, and it means changing the pilot jet from 22.5 to 25. But i can't find the 25 pilot jet here in Israel. Does anyone know about a good place to order from? Many thanx.