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  1. Ok I have a 2005 CRF250R, and my question is ..... What is the purpose of each throttle cable? It has two of them and they both go to the same throttle drum. Can someone please put it into dummy language for me?

    How do I jump this damned thing?

    AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! Nothing worse than a dad standing there telling his young rider to "hold it wide open and just hit it or we are going home" Please note I am in no way saying that is you, just talking about things I have seen. I wish those kids would ask their non riding dads to get a bike and show them how easy it is, it looks easy from the side of the track.
  3. Ok, i know FMF gets kicked around on here bu i have one and i need some help and that is what you guys do best so..... I have the Mega Bomb header and Power Core 4.1 can, it runs great but i think my jetting is a bit off, i suck at jetting. So can you hook me up with soome jetting thathas worked for you please? I live in Tulsa Ok. Here is what it is doing, it is getting alot or carbon build up for a four stroke and it has a small poof of black smoke when i have it on the stand and hit the throttle hard. I am told that is the leak jet causing it, but when i go to FMF to get jetting guides they give me different names for the jets and do not even list a leak jet, half the jets they have NA next to (i know, i know, FMF). I want to talk to DH367 about his MRD system but i need to have my FMF running good in the mean time. *Note: I recently had SS Exhaust valves and a new OEM top end installed, coould be something with the valves needing checked/set also??????

    Black smoke

    Ok, this may be a dumb question but I need to ask it. I just had a new OEM piston and rings and faction exhaust valves put in my 2005. It is letting a small amount of blackish smoke out when I hit the throttle. Say I am on the start gate and we are warming the bikes up waiting for the guy to tell us to get ready, you blip the throttle now and then to keep her warm and clean. It will let a small amount of smoke out. When I first start it, I get a bigger amount of smoke out of the silencer and where the silencer and header connect right there where the rear shock reservoir is. I believe this indicates she is running a little rich but I would like some opinions first. I keep my oil changed and air filters very clean. I am running a FMF pipe and silencer and I do not recall it smoking any before I had the piston and valves installed, although I can say for certain. one thought I had was that maybe my silencer needed repack that it was full of carbon and not letting it flow until i hit it hard or something?

    2005 or 2006 RM-Z 450???

    Wow, he is the first person I have heard say that. I would defiantly checkout the timing chain and valves.

    My Letter to Mr. Rick Suzuki

    When 455 asked you about the cam chain you replied "The chain wasn't too tight or too loose, the timing didn't jump. It just dropped a valve for some reason." Yet earlier in a post you stated "Nothing was found wrong at that time, but the slipping of cam chain caused the cam chain to go bad. Keep in mind its one month old. I purchased a cam chain and rings and gaskets and it got me back up and running again." I don't mean to bust your chops but it seems to me that you did not perform proper cam chain maintenance until it was to late, it clearly states that you need to check for slack after the first three hours. When I checked mine it had a good amount of slack in it and have not had any trouble with it. Every one wants the bad @#$ RMZ but they do not realize the amount of maintenance a high performance machine like the RMZ requires. It is not a DR, or a XR. You can not just put gas in it and ride it, you have to treat her like the queen she is. Do you think the chain was not loose when you checked it because the damage was already done to the motor? If any one has a doubt about having it TDC on the compression stroke read the Transworld how to article and then refer to your OWNERS MANUAL on page 6-31 as someone stated earlier and it will show you how to get it TDC on the compression stroke with out a doubt. Oh, and while you are changing the oil and filter, and cleaning the air filter, take off the cam cover and check the cam chain AND THE VALVES.

    2005 or 2006 RM-Z 450???

    How much does he want for the bike? Why is he getting rid of it? Ask him if he is aware of the timing chain issues and if so has he performed proper maintenance on it and the valves? You can check the timing chain and valvew clearence yourself before you buy the bike. As for the 06, I think the 05 looks better and the improvements they made are not going to affect the average rider. Sounds like this guy has put more money in after market parts than the 06 has improvements.

    My Letter to Mr. Rick Suzuki

    I am sorry to hear about your problems with the RMZ. I think the main problem is that(and i am not saying you) most individuals run out and but the bike not realizing the amount of tech. maintenance that is required for these race machines. After reading all the posts I am now paranoid that I may not have my timing chain adjusted correctly, I keep wondering if I had it exactly TDC on the compression stroke? Any way, I love the bike, I got it when they first hit the floor in 05 and have not had a lick of trouble yet.