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  1. Kenaroo

    Seized 450RR today.

    I'm thinking seized transmission bearing. Good luck with the repair
  2. Kenaroo

    acerbis Sahara rally fairing

    8 years later and here is the final and last version of the fairing..
  3. I did the original rally pig back in 2007. Love that bike.. road it for three years and got bored and sold it.. that was the one bike I regretted selling.. so much blood sweat and tears (and money) went into that build. I get pm'd over at ADVrider about once a month asking if I still made this or where someone could get one. I blew everyone off for years as I just didn't have time. Then January came around and I had to watch the Dakar Rally on TV and I just have to say it just gets my blood flowing. so here I am.. 3 months later with a finish updated design of the Rally Pig. totally new design and subframe and fiberglass. attaches the same to the Acerbis tank. head lights are going to be Baja Designs squadron. sent it over to Perfect Fairings and they are going to make a production mold of it to make them available for sale. I'll get a little cut of each unit but I really just want other people to make more rally pig bikes..
  4. Kenaroo


    I'd do a google search.. there are some good topics over at adv rider covering this topic. I don't have a SM so I don't have any real life experience. good luck
  5. Looking at a TC 510. something I can ride once a month or so when i want to moto or ride the single track trails and not beat up my ADV bike. there's a tc 510 that is for sale I'm looking at.. very clean for the age. I know this is the mx model but I'd like to put a plate on it so I can ride to the trails about 20 miles from my house. it has the E-start on it already. so ds light should be farily easy I know the IMS tank will work but .. I thought for longer desert rides I would buy the Safari tank.. Problem is it says for 08 fi and up.. but then it says it has a block off for non FI with same frame. OK Husky nuts.. will that tank adapt to the 07? yes I know a 08'+ would be easier but I'm trying to work in my budget and whats available.
  6. Kenaroo

    2012+ WR450F Stronger starter motor?

    You guys are Brutal.... I'm going back to the Beta section....LOL...
  7. Kenaroo

    2012+ WR450F Stronger starter motor?

    Thought.... and a little research... I'm looking to get a WR450R 12' plus.. been reading about the slow start. thinking using a supercapacitor could be added to the charging system would solve this.. here is a guy experimenting using them on cars..
  8. Kenaroo

    Fuel range at race pace?

    you could always pressurize the tank and get the heat gun out to expand the tank.. I did that more than a few years ago when I was desert racing.. I think I got another 1/4 to 1/2 gallon
  9. Kenaroo

    Blown up beta!

    I almost blew up my 08 Beta 470.. LOL.. yep had 80 hours on the big bore.. finished the last race and it was knocking pretty bad.. I pulled it apart you could twist the rod back and forth. the lower bearing was about to let go.. I was lucky and caught the problem before it cost me more money. any brand bike can and do blow up. if not.. no one is riding it hard enough.... I'd spend the money and fix the bike.. I tried parting out mine and it was a PITA.. seemed all people wanted was wheels and plastic. I ended up selling as a project with my other Beta.. guy got it running and sold the bike. not sure if he made any money or just broke even.
  10. Kenaroo

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    yeah.. but you live on an island.. you are used to high prices..LOL.. If you could get that for $5500. that would be a steal.. IMO.. as it looks pretty clean
  11. Kenaroo

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    this one looks to be Justin Morrow's 13 race bike. good price but definately a year of racing on it http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/4357766746.html
  12. Kenaroo

    found metal on my 540rs drain plug.

    metal shavings in the filters are usually the first sign of rod bearing wear on the big bores. next will be a clatter sound like the cam chain is loose (it's not)... then comes the vibration and then rod failure... LOL.. Trust me on this.. my old race Beta 400 with the 470 kit (90hrs) .. did the same thing.. lucky thing I pulled it apart before it gernaded. don't wait too long to check lower rod bearing clearance.. easy thing is to pull the head, jug and piston and give the rod a twist.. if there is movement... it's time for a new rod/bearing...