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  1. Dirtridingdude


    make sure the spacers are on the right side becuase one is longer tyhasn the other cuasing it to hit the brake pads
  2. Dirtridingdude

    Carb Problem :(

    we did replace the spark plug once allready
  3. Dirtridingdude

    Carb Problem :(

    i doutn thyink its leaking now though
  4. Dirtridingdude

    Carb Problem :(

    my dad has a 250f 05' we bought it in april and its run great starts fine never had a problem and i have bean riding it and about 2 weeks ago i rode it and forgot to shut the gas off and we tried to start it last week to go ride but it just wouldnt start we tried coat starting it to but that didnt work so we went another week without working on it and thursday we checked the spark plug witche was dirty cleaned it and my dad tapped the carb with a wrench to maybe loosen the float in the float bowl we let it sit for 20 mins came back and gasoline was running out of the tubs that come out on the bottom of the bike so we turned the gas off got ready turned it on and tried to coast start it and we got it but it will not idle anyone know the problem?? i would appreciate any posts thanks
  5. Dirtridingdude

    Clickidy Clank CLickidy Clank

    i replaced my chain like 2 weeks ago......
  6. Dirtridingdude

    any help for ttr125

    go to a yami dealer or buy them here thumpertalk has oem parts trhat will probly be cheaper than the yami dealer
  7. Dirtridingdude

    Clickidy Clank CLickidy Clank

    thx every 1 we ordered a sprocket becuase my sprocket needs replaced period and were gunna hope that was the problem thx
  8. Dirtridingdude

    Clickidy Clank CLickidy Clank

    my dad thunks its a bearing in the trans but were guna take to a yami dealer to see what the problem is
  9. Dirtridingdude

    bbr or fmf exhaust

    if ur keeping ur bike for a long time go with the bbr but if u may be upgrading to a bigger bike in the future go with fmf the bbr is bedder than the fmf
  10. Dirtridingdude

    Clickidy Clank CLickidy Clank

    its coming from the bottom and it only makes the noise when i crack the throttle or dump the clutch if i accelrate slowly its ok
  11. Dirtridingdude

    Clickidy Clank CLickidy Clank

    Hey i have a 01 ttr 125l and i was riding yesterday popted a few wheelies and then when ever i cracked the throttle i would here clliiiickk from the eng and when it makes that noise the engine wouldnt run it in the trans i know that becuase when i give it gas slowly its usuly doesnt make it and when it ideling in nuetral or when the clutch is engagerd it ok but i need to see if any one knows the excact problem thanks
  12. Dirtridingdude

    125LE vs 230

    I would say get the 230 becasue it a good bike and then when she done riding it if u gets to old or sumthing?? u can give it to ur daughter
  13. Dirtridingdude

    Chain problem

    that chain guard that fits the cr do u think any chain guide that fits a cr would fit a ttr???
  14. Dirtridingdude

    So, I am selling my bike

    o yeah steel city yami is nice the guys are realy nice and if u coem and but stuff alot they'll give u big discounts like ounce i came and got shift pants and jearsey and i i got googles to and they gave me the goggles for free and i took a tire to em once and they couldnt get to it that day so they took off 10 bux
  15. Dirtridingdude

    So, I am selling my bike

    yeah ill give u directions on how to get their take the exit steel city yami is on i think it is new alexadria&smithfield and if ur coming north which u will u take a left after the exit u follow that road which isnt that good of a road till u come up to a cemetary ull take a right at the cemetary it will be a hard right and u follow that road the road turns into a realy big hill and their signs that say "go down hill at ur own risk" and u go down at the end of that hill ull come to another road u take a right and ull go under a trainbridge and their will be a creek and the road and the creek go under the bridge and then u just go strait and ull see the limepits thier like piles of lime 1,000 feet high and if u got to the top of the lime pits their will be a dirt top and their a trail over at that end and thats where the trails start and their are so many trails u could get lost in their so be carefull