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  1. Definately get a camelback. You could always learn to like the taste of premix. Kill 2 birds w/1 stone.
  2. I think, if you are riding C class, you should be able to make the whole thing on 1 tank. I rode a number of HS on my 2 gallon tank for my KTM 250SX. I have since upgraded, and can now run a full enduro on my 3.whatever gallon tank. Personally, I don't run the engine WFO much during a that depends on your riding style...
  3. Funny you should mention that. Those guys were parked right next to me (you know, in the uncool person area ) He actually detonated his tranny. From what I overheard, he was actually pretty fast, although he didn't have a lot of positive things to say about his bike . Good thing he didn't have to give a podium speech ! Now, his 2 buddies, also on brand new Husky's...they weren't quite so fast. I'm pretty sure I passed each of them twice...which either means I lapped them (unlikely) or I passed em, crashed (much more likely) , passed em again... either way, I have distinct memories of riding behind slow guys on new husky's for a large portion of the race!
  4. Man that sucks. I hope it's not your wackin hand Hurry and get betta!
  5. Your guy's description of cherry picking.... are right on target!
  6. No, I rode C. (cherry pickin!)
  7. Are you kiddin? That track will definately knock your rust off. Might take a lot of other stuff off too...
  8. There is some info on the forums of that OHV site.
  9. I had a pretty good time there myself. Looked for you guys but couldn't find any of you! I had similar experiences to you guys...getting stuck behind really slow guys, spending too much time worrying about getting out of A rider's ways (although I did sneak by some other C guys while trying to follow an A rider...apparently I look enough like an A rider for guys to pull over for me too!), swapped my way thru the whoops and slide my way thru the woods, crashed some 4 or 5 times. Felt pretty good thru the whole thing though. I really enjoyed the track, it was MUCH tighter and "technical" then I would have guessed. Wish I had found out where I finished...where did you guys find that info out? I got a bad start, and don't think anyone from my class ever passed me, although I picked off a heck of a lot of guys. I did manage to finish with a total of 9 blisters on my hands...
  10. If I get my fork seal in the mail before sunday (and I'm not sure that's really probable), I intend to be there. Gonna be a bit chilly. Oh yeah, and I haven't ridden since november. Should be fun........
  11. If he wants a 125, greg would be crazy to pass that up. I hear that SXS suspension is amazing. It'd be worth it to buy that bike just for the bouncers. Actually, a person could buy that, take the forks off to swap with their own bike...then sell that for about the same price with some stock SXS stuff....
  12. Um, well, i just made plans for friday. Sorry guys Sorta important stuff It involves a young, tender, sheep...
  13. Yeah I probably wouldn't go with you guys to Ottawa, that's a good 3 hours from my house. I had sort of planned on going to KBurg Saturday (post warm front weather) though. Or maybe just stay home and ride at crappy Solon/600 acres.
  14. Uhhh... So are you guys going riding after thanksgiving or what?
  15. You guys are something else I was bored today, until I typed in "illinios farm reports, livestock" into google and ended up here. Most accurate livestock reporting in the midwest!