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  1. It's the goldish curved piece toward the bottom center of the photo
  2. Not speed in the top end sense but rather in acceleration, deacceleration and cornering loads at street speeds. Would you recommend them for track or road use (or both)? The PRC / PR4 combos I've ran worked best with warmers and limited heat cycles.
  3. Or at least something that'll hook up in birdsh*t without splattering the neighboring old folks. Just get the Michelins already Frank!
  4. I'm suprised about the Power Race recommendations - I've used them on my roadrace bikes before and they take a good about of heat to get working properly. They're a very good tire once up to temp, but I didn't think the DRZ was capable of generating the speeds necessary to get them into the proper operating range.
  5. I hear all the cool bears are using slicks.
  6. I just picked up an '03 XR last week and did the snorkel/clip mod, as well as removed the exhaust baffle. It definitely has a little more midrange poke now, waiting to finish off with a billet tip. Easy bike to mod
  7. Word is the bank seized their factory today. Hope my 08 FB2100 lasts now, because warranties will be non-existent.
  8. Interesting article - it's motivating me to do the STM slipper clutch mod to my 07 SM.
  9. $678.75 http://www.morepoweracing.com/aY8puo1196383/Exhaust/Dirtbike-Exhaust/Yoshimura-Offroad-Exhaust-Systems/SUZUKI/DRZ400/2000-2005/DRZ400-2000-2005/p-71-1212-1213-26418-26440-26481-39641/
  10. I'm curious as to where that $ figure came from, the statute number (or federal code) and who the enforcing authority is.
  11. There's a distinct possibility that some Harleys would be experiencing mechanical problems soon afterwards if that happened to any of my bikes. The kind of mechanical problems that stem from being dragged down the road behind a truck with a cable through their rims.
  12. Good stuff; you may want to go with some Avon Distanzas for those trail excursions. They hook up real well for me in the conditions you described, and give you decent highway mileage as well.
  13. The speedo cable end does turn inside the cable housing; I called Service Honda, who requested that I ship the entire kit back for them to test. I can do that, but its kind of a pain only because I already hooked everything up including the tach wire and quick splicers to the ignition key for power to the unit. That's why I was wondering if anyone had other recommendations or experiences before I went through the disconnect hassle. My gut says the speedo cable is faulty and not sending a signal to the unit, but I'm not sure.
  14. Hi all - I purchased an Acewell 3700 speedometer unit last week from Service Honda for my new 2006 DRZ 400 E; this is the DRZ specific unit that plugs into the original odometer gear hub on the front wheel. Long story short, I installed it last night, and everything works fine except for the speedometer function. Unit powers up, tach/clocks work, but the speedometer continually displays "0". I checked everything; electrical connections are fine, odometer gear hub spins fine, there is no dirt/debris interfering and I'm connected exactly as the instructions say. I'm wondering if I recieved a DOA pickup unit, or is there's another issue I'm overlooking? Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas? Thanks in advance-
  15. That's pretty tastefully done - Nice graphics too