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  1. you da man! i forgot to transfer them over from the old needle. man, what an awesome setup!
  2. glad i wasn't the 1 millionth! by spacers, you mean the washer? there is one washer on the needle right above the C clip.
  3. stupid me I figured it out. missed the vacuum hose on the petcock. bike is running. question: there is a gap in throttle response. if i hold the throttle about 1/3 open the engine will die. all other ranges have superior response. any thoughts?
  4. 2004 DRZ400S Did the 3x3 air box mod and DJ jet kit. 4th slot down from top on needle and used the extra washer. Put in a 140 main. did 3 turns out on the fuel/air mixture screw. elvevation is about sea level. All else is stock. Now the bike won't start. It started last night with full choke on and ran until it got warm. then nothing. today nothing. what did I do wrong? thanks!
  5. I just got the DJ Stage 1 jet kit for my 04 DRZ400s. part number is MQ3109.001. It came with part numbers DJ128, DJ130, DJ132, DJ134, DJ136, etc. My assumption would be that the 128 in DJ128 is the jet size, no? If that is the case, then shouldn't I have gotton a DJ140 or DJ143.5? Or do I need to buy those separately? Thanks.
  6. Jazuki

    Newbie with Questions

    Thanks guys. I'll look into the Jet kit and 3x3 expansion. whatdoyaknow, I did get the whole speed/sprokect thingy backwards. I do about 80% street and 20% dirt right now. ride to work almost everyday, but can't live without hitting the dirt. The bike is perfect for me and I'm sure I got the right one.
  7. Jazuki

    Newbie with Questions

    Hi all, New here and this is my first post. Had a few questions: 2004 DRZ400S, completely stock. 1) What are the best mods to start with money wise? 2) I'm thinking of getting a bigger rear sprocket for more top end (faster!!). Bike seems to be at too high of an RPM when I'm cruising at 70. Any recommendations? 3) Anyone know where I can get a tach for my bike that is a good fit? thanks, Jay