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  1. wingman400

    Allegheney National Forest....

    The bridges are on the bike loop. I think mountian ridge's rocks are a lot more technical imo, i just know that they kicked my butt.
  2. wingman400

    Best sprokets for dual sport?

    I also have the 16/45 setup. Just some fancy dremel work and the case saver fits just fine.
  3. wingman400

    my xr400 with vapor

    Alittle off topic, but is that a Devol skid plate? And did you have to tweak it at all to make it fit? I bought one and the front two mounting holes did not line up too great. Awesome lookin' bike!!!!
  4. wingman400

    cant decide

    Well, I guess I will put this in so everyone can bash my post. I have a '99 dakota 5.2L 5sp with 76K and I think it looks a lot nicer than most of the rangers and tacos out there. It runs great and I haven't had any major problems with it at all, the truck has been solid through many situations. All that I can say is to stay away from an auto because Dodge's auto trannys are junk!! Also the newer 4.7L really run good but with today's fuel prices you might want to throw that into the equation. What it all comes down to is the choice is yours and what kinda deal you can find.
  5. wingman400

    bike stand or jack?

    I have an xr400. I put the bucket beside the gear shift side foot peg, reach over and grab the sub-frame, then pick the bike up onto the bucket. I am 6'-4" though so it might be a little easier for me. And remember all bikes are different and they all sit differently on buckets that can also be different from each other. So my advice is try it out and if does not feel stable try repositioning or try a different method.
  6. wingman400

    Rear Wheel Clicking Sound?

    Are the spokes tight??
  7. wingman400

    Dumb chain tension question

    What's is the difference?? If you have your bike in neutral they should be the same.
  8. wingman400

    Street legal WR/CRFX in PA?

    Nice link above, lots of info. Anywho, I got mine on the road last year but with the new laws they just came out with it sounds like it will be a bear to get one on the street. Try this post, it starts out talking about the old method then goes into talking about all the changes. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=432939
  9. wingman400

    XR, still the bike?

    XR400 might be alittle big for you but the only way to find out it to find one for sale and take it for a spin. I know I can't ask for anything more out of my bike.
  10. wingman400

    Thinking about putting in a high comp piston

    I like stock gearing myself, but that is what fits my riding style the best. I have a 11:1 comp and it starts just fine. Again, as mentioned I would reseach the pumper. I am dying to do it to my machine but I just can't round up the money.
  11. wingman400

    Riding near Pittsburgh,PA

    Yeah, Veccster is right "A good few hours of riding" It is just mostly hill climbs with some woods. I will get out there someday to show you around the woods Veccster.
  12. wingman400

    Riding near Pittsburgh,PA

    Hunker slates will give you a good day of riding.
  13. wingman400

    April Fools!

    Last year I pulled alittle special effects and made it look like I shot a nail through my hand, then walked into one of those cooking parties that my wife was hosting. That went over real well, my sister almost passed out, my little cousin started to cry, and my wife started to panic and went running for the phone to call 911, and it took everyone elses breath away. Me on the other hand loved every minute of it. This year I just pretended to cut my finger real bad while slicing an onion. Not as good but there is always next year.
  14. wingman400

    Big Hill Climbs

    I also like to roll up to the bottom of the hill, fan the clutch alittle and hang on. Sometimes when I carry a lot of momentum into a hill it knocks me off course. But I guess it all comes down to your style of riding and more important the hill that you are climbing.
  15. wingman400

    2003 XR 400 exhaust

    I am a White Brothers fan myself. If you act fast this is an awesom deal!!!! http://www.denniskirk.com/jsp/product_catalog/Product.jsp?skuId=&store=Outlet&catId=&productId=p431886&leafCatId=&mmyId=