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  1. apeezie

    08 450XCF: Picked it up today!!

    mxengineer4- have you ridden or know anyone who has ridden a '08 KTM 250 XC-F? I'm looking at getting one but I may look into getting the 450 XC-F. I'm a 200lb Novice woods & light moto rider. Thanks!
  2. apeezie

    2008 KTM 250 XC-F Odometer/Speedo

    hey Lizard76- how do you like your new XC-F. I'm looking to get one SOON and I'm worried about not having enough low end for woods riding. I'm a 200lb novice rider looking to have a great play bike with intentions to race hare scrambles and maybe some moto. Thanks!
  3. apeezie

    08 450XCF: Picked it up today!!

    has anyone rode the -08 XC-F 250??? I'm looking to buy one SOON!