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  1. creed75

    $10 PGM-FI HRC Tuner Tool

    It sounds the manual is not included in the CD_HRC DATA SETTING TOOL for 2017 CRF450 R/RX , it comes apart as #38773-N1C-C00. Is that correct?
  2. creed75

    2017/18 oil pump

    Hi guys, does anyone experience wearing out on the oil pump cover?..or other miscellaneous parts within it?
  3. creed75

    Baseline suspension setup

    With delta-shims on the Reb side you can adjust h.deck to some degree on comp, not 2mm though.
  4. creed75

    Baseline suspension setup

    It.can't be loosen without heating up the reb assy, it's factory sealed.There's of course an o-ring, it seals the reb needle, but it's farther inside and off the damper rod threads. Clamp the damper rod with a good rounding soft alu clamp bracket, with a heat gun warm up 'till the residual oil vaporizes, undo it little by little. If it sticks again after a turn reheat for a while.
  5. creed75

    How to install piston ring crf450r?

    Best way to change it is with the specific tool....however if you warm the band up and slide it over the valve then tigh fit with a electrical tape. Then put the valve in the freezer. No lube, change the orings as well.
  6. What nut are you running?
  7. From top down Teknik Reb check valve R-tech RSV R-tech built-in RSV on 19mm shaft rod
  8. Hey folks, anyone have the chance to run both? What's standout on Teknik (it'd seem tunable to me, a wee more than R-tech!!!) that doesn't on Racetech or vice versa?
  9. creed75


    Thanks Tex for the info. Is it a free upgrade or you have to buy the new software release?
  10. creed75


    Hi guys, hacking around on the Restackor user manual it looks like to me a new tab as been add to the MidValve analysis. Perhaps a new release of the program recently has been made? The new spreadsheet it's called RESPONSE!!
  11. https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/566643-now-with-pics-i-did-the-decompression-arm-mod-to-my-08-great-results-thanks-ron/
  12. I suggest to look at the AP circuit, diaphragm inspection first, blow out the leak jet. Next check the squirt duration and how far it squeezes. Then fuel screw&pilot jet, start from factory specs. Big bore as so sensible to AF ratio oscillation, cold or warm.
  13. creed75


    Average suspension velocities as a function of bike speed and bump height
  14. creed75

    FCR Float Height

    That's from a CRF250 R 2004/09 service manual, hope can help!
  15. creed75


    Clicked, just started hacking around with the program, and got some good result. Just few questions to clarify my doubts . a) why did you set up D.hsc @18mm. on the shim spring stiffness calculation for the cup edge load, you chose a valve w/ throat, any particular reason on that? c) didn't catch you up on the choice of the 0.2 mm float about the shim spring stiffness calculation and the reason they aren't clamped. d) on your plot haven't see the swap BTW the 20's and the backer as you suggested. The 19 setting up in the stack didn't work on my calculations. I put back the 20's. Flow area & shim stack Shim edge lift - damping Force - damp. Cff plots Valve's & stack's setting