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  1. MR Honda

    Will a drz400-s header fit e model cylinder head?

    I have a KDXe with an S subframe. I run a Muzzy full exhaust system, S model, so the muffler would align with the subframe. Sorry for the explanation, but the answer is YES: S headers fir E jugs.
  2. MR Honda

    How to Install Drz400 S speedometer on 2001 drz 400 E

    On my 04 KDX: the small odometer already has a cable to the front hub. I used an ATK speedo-, just used the same cable-works fine. Wired the speedo light to the harness, so that works too. Sorry, I’m not familiar with the s-model. But if it’s cable driven, you should be all set.
  3. MR Honda

    Lets see how Unabikers customer service is...

    I used longer bolts vs the original ones, which made alignment easier. Other than some minor juggling, they fit just fine. Been protecting my rads for several years now, all off road riding. If they were as “SUCKY” as you say, they wouldn’t have sold so many, would they?
  4. MR Honda

    Should have never cleaned the Kehin

    JD kit worked perfectly for my KLXr. But, don’t buy their fuel mixture screw with the red knob, (bottom of carb) it won’t clear the starter.
  5. Why is it a problem? it’s silicone, not epoxy. if it kept water/corrosion out of the motor-bolt cavity, it may be a brilliant mod! Wooden dowel & hammer that sucker out!
  6. Check the fork action carefully, any binding could be trouble. I agree with others, buy a frame, swap everything over. Set aside a full weekend, it could take a long time, sounds like you haven’t done this before. Take pictures step by step, so you know how it goes back together. And don’t teach anyone to ride on YOUR bike. Really. But if you must, go to a big, wide open grassy field to do so.
  7. MR Honda

    2003 KLX400 Best Jet Kit?

    JD kit on my KLX (FCR). Best simple mod to do. Yes, you could buy a needle and a few jets, but the KIT has choices. My full Muzzy system doesn’t hurt either! Yes, do the lock-tite mods. I found my stator bolts “not so tight”…I also had to do the water pump mod to stop the small “weeping”. Aslo check the steering bearings: mine had almost zero grease when new and the bearings rusted, fell apart with less than 250 miles! Rear suspension dog bone bearing were pretty dry too! Welcome to the Green side of life!
  8. MR Honda

    What Does This Thing Do?

    I'd put tools in there, or perhaps you may put money and a cell phone for when you’re broken down…as others have stated: it’s a TOOL BOX.
  9. This really bums me out…I’ve learned much from this forum, and Eddy’s contributions. (as well as the other mods, thanks guys). I also do all the work on my bikes… that way I can only blame myself if I screw something up. As someone who has no “skin in the game”, I think it’s good to keep this open as long as it stays civil. Bryan, thank you for choosing to do so.
  10. MR Honda

    Pulpmx show tonight

    First Mike didn’t “go on” a show face to face, he called in. There is a difference. Big deal. I’m tired of hearing how he’s a “man” all the time. His age doesn’t match his maturity level. Admitted he “tried to scare him”, I think that says it all. Scare broc by trying to pass him, or trying to hit him? Think about it. Latter he says of the race “part of a learning curve?” From someone whose been on a bike for a few million hours? Dude, class is out. If you haven’t learned by now, when will you? Genova doesn’t understand why no one gives them credit for accomplishments. Here’s the answer. A L L E S S I family. I don’t buy anything from his sponsors. Why should I? The Allessi family: the gift that keeps on giving.
  11. MR Honda

    KLX 400 Suspension Work & Stuff

    May I suggest that you slide the forks up thru the crowns to balance the geometry?
  12. Most times when a rider wins a race, it’s due to the rider. Go to any local MX race, where no bike is stock. No matter the mods, the same guys continue to win.
  13. MR Honda

    What would you use for a Tow Rope?

    MSR tow strap. Used it several times. Yes, it's a flat tie down type strap, but doe snot have a metal hook, it loops through a loop sewn into one end to secure to pulling bike. I've since made another like it from an old tie down. Sewing a loop vs a metal hook is my preference.
  14. MR Honda

    What's up with Mike Alessi?

    Old Alessi question: Team Honda as a jr, but never as an adult rider. Anyone know exactly why? Did they burn that bridge early on? I'm not trying to stir the pot, simply wondering why such a race-winning combo didn't stay together.
  15. MR Honda

    Proper drive chain tension

    Years back, i made a little wooden block with a "step" cut out for my KDX200. Every time i rode the bike, the stock pos chain seemed to stretch. So the little block of wood was cut to the measures in the owners manual. Block sat on swingarm, midway. If the chain sat on the step (lowest suggested measure) on on top of the black (highest), i was ok. The block ended up being close to the 3 finger rule. Once i replaced the chain with a quality o-ring chain, adjustments were less frequent. So, for those who want to be exact, a chunk of wood, a ruler and a saw makes a guide in about 15 minutes. PS: I use 3 fingers on my KLX.