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  1. mx uk

    TM bikes

    Brilliant bikes an rapid too! Wouldn,t reccomend as a first bike tho, due to the lack of info & no manuals.
  2. mx uk

    2003 tm125e for mx

    No, i don,t think your makin a mistake, I have a 2001 Tm 125 mx, brilliant bike. It eats jap 125,s for brecky!!
  3. http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a106/motoxuk/ad7ea52d.jpg
  4. mx uk


    sorry its a 2 stroke but just wondered if anyone else owns a tm
  5. mx uk

    brilliant forum

    wow! read one tread ( aCan't find the nerve or balls!!) n had to join in, some great (mature) thought out reply,s, really impressed, will definatly be back soon. (37 year old 2 stroke rider, manchester, England)