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  1. codyjay

    Bend- wends. thurs?

    how is China hat?
  2. looking for riding partners tomorrow all day ride. will be riding outside of trout lake. contact me if you want to go. intermidiate to advanced ok.
  3. codyjay

    Sunday Ride Invitation Hood River Area

    we are of the same mind. I like the way you think. we are meeting at my house in Oregon City Sunday morning 8:00. PM me i'll send you the address.
  4. I'm putting together a ride this Sunday. Anyone who wants to go contact me. Should be a pretty good group. Meeting time is 8:00 in Oregon city area. contact me for more info if you want to go.
  5. codyjay

    Sunday Ride Portland Area?

    John, the ride at is on we are meeting at my house on Sunday morning oregon city, can you make it?
  6. anyone have a contact who gives deals on this tire?
  7. codyjay

    Wettest Mem Day Ever

    Mike, thanks for the tire I owe you one.
  8. codyjay

    Wettest Mem Day Ever

    I would carpool but need to head up north after the poker run. I'll see you up there 2001 white f150 with a 2004 KTM 450mxc in the back. good luck.
  9. codyjay

    Wettest Mem Day Ever

    that is so funny I agree the weather is unbelievable. I can absolutely picture the rain gear the tarp the wet smoke frigging hilarious. I'm packing up and heading to Shelton also. Do you have directions or a nearby address that I can plug into my GPS. How long is the drive from Portland? what time do I need to leave in the morning.
  10. codyjay

    I can't belive no one wants to ride!!

    Post canyon sounds great to me and yes its legal. I dont know the area all that well however I'm good with a GPS so I'm not to worried about getting lost. Let's meet at my house Sunday morning. I have a 16' box trailer I can use to carry the bikes . How solid are you guys on Sundays ride?
  11. I'd hate to ride this Sunday by myself. Is there no one who can moto this Sunday? If you would like to ride please contact me. I'm in the Portland area. Codyjay
  12. codyjay

    Anyone want to ride this sunday?

    looking for riders Sunday. We can meet in Oregon city at my house. have trailer and truck can take 3 bikes. I don't care where have a couple of places in mind outside of hood river. I'd like to leave in the morning. Send me a pm if you are available. Any skill level OK.
  13. codyjay

    Taneum Memorial day

    I'm looking for someone to ride with this Sunday. My ridding buddy hurt his back. I've got truck and bike trailer and will drive. let me know if you are availible
  14. Stevo, NW Scout and myself are going ridding Hood River Wednesday. If you would like to go contact me cody@jeeprecyclers.com. If want to go meet at my shop TJ Recyclers 1024 SE Stephens Portland OR 97214. this is on 11th between Burnside and Division contact me for directions. I have room for 2 riders and two bikes. The trail will not be difficult and ideal for someone just getting back into dirtbike ridding. We will be leaving 12:01 PM Sharp.
  15. my ridding partner got sick and canceled at the last moment. I am leaving SE Portland around 2:00 and hate to go alone. I have a truck and can haul two bikes and gear. contact me ASAP if you want to go. Ridding hood river should be back to portland by 8:00 tonight. Cody C