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    Help Needed

    Thanks for the link. Also, any other advice on how to build my 250 for the trail would be welcome. Also, thank you all for any suggestions.
  2. xrpaker

    Help Needed

    First off I'm new here and I would like to say hi. I was wondering about some things and wanted some opinions. I'm fairly new to the hobby of riding dirtbikes, but I have rode 4-wheelers for about 4 years now and just bought me a used 96 xr 250 and here in the future(around christmas) I planned on rebuilding it. The bike is in fairly good shape right now except for it's annoying problem with smoking when hot, and besides a k&n filter is totally stock. I was kinda wanting to know about pricing and places to look for parts that would help transform this worn out bike to new or better condition. I'm just curious and any help anyone could give me would be very helpful. Thank you all for any suggestion's.