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  1. so what about the exhaust will my yoshi for crf 50 still bolt up to the klx 110 style head
  2. i was leaning that way just ordered some $55 to the door thanks
  3. x2 steel screen
  4. pros and cons klx style heads? thanks
  5. my bros got those theyre cool but im rinning an mx style clamp not bmx
  6. anyone? just wanna know what ya got and how well they held up thanks
  7. which handlebars do some of you all have and which do you like best including but not limited to tag, pro taper, red baron, sano,... etc o ya im asking bout mx style thanks
  8. ok so i see the gpx 150 can get up to 178 cc so that seems my best bet for displacement. now whats the pros cons of klx style heads? should i just stick with 50 style head and build a 146cc?
  9. ya right now i got a 110 chinese something i dont really know but its getting bad tranny is gonna go soon. so jialing or gpx ok that helps alot and yes i do want to go to the max with displacement on this motor whats the most i could get?
  10. i wanns build a badass motor for my fifty. where should i start? i want 1d3up tranny. maybe start with a lifan or something i can build off of? i want big power big displacement yady yady any help is greatly appreciated
  11. cool thanks
  12. anyone?
  13. ok ive got a problem i put in the inner rotor ign and know how to hook it all up and everything but my problem is my kill switch has 2 wires and it seems only one hooks up to the system. is this right? and if 1 only hooks up which one?