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  1. ccie2be

    show us your workstation!

    I think there is a special membership needed($) to advertise in this forum. Contact the moderator for details, if they haven't already contact you. -David
  2. ccie2be

    2012 YZ 450F Low down

    now thats funny
  3. ccie2be

    ICS springs rates

    thanks for the responses. the oil level setting the height makes so much sense. one more. does it matter what side the spacer goes on?
  4. ccie2be

    ICS springs rates

    The stock ICS comes with a plastic spacer to take up the space between the top of the BV and the top of the floating pistion. Should that be installed too or does the spacer reall ymatter? On the Honda it does not have one and there is considerable play that the floating piston has. Seems like there shouldn't be any wiggle room there or the plactic pistion could be damaged if it took a hard hit.
  5. ccie2be

    ICS springs rates

    I need to know the stock ICS spring rates from the 2 bikes below. 2009 kx450 2009 crf450 Are there markings on them that can tell you what rate you have? Are these two bikes stock ICS springs interchangeable? Thanks, -David
  6. ccie2be

    New Pro National in the South for 2012!

    I was there. The guy on the ground with his back busted up. I case that uphill triple and am paying for it now. I am too dang old to hit the ground that hard. Anyway, I'm on a 2011 yamaha 450 red and black w/ red backgrounds. In regards to Monster Mountain having the parking space. I assure you, Tom will accommodate for parking if it was chosen.
  7. ccie2be

    New Pro National in the South for 2012!

    Is that you Trey?
  8. ccie2be

    New Pro National in the South for 2012!

    Monster Mountain for sure!!! That would be awesome! Anyone that has ridden this track can vouch for its caliber.
  9. ccie2be

    Any news about Stewart´s 2012 plans....

    What day was he there? I can't believe we missed him.
  10. ccie2be

    RV to ride the 2012 kx450f at unadilla!!!

    I think its good marketing and advertising. We all know he has more in the tank to go faster. I bet he opens it up this weekend. Which will appear that the new bike is that much better which = more sales. Just my .02. -David
  11. ccie2be

    Bike destroyed at Lorettas!

    at least he seems ok.
  12. ccie2be

    kx 85

    yep, I know the 2012s are almost unchanged from previous year. I was just hoping to see that Kawasaki was going to redo the body styling like they have on all the 4 strokes. To answer your other question, yes. I would like to see some 150s made by the other vendors.
  13. ccie2be

    kx 85

    Anyone have any insider info of when this bike might go under some redesign? None of the 2 strokes see updates. Maybe 2013? What about all the new 150s that was a big talk a couple years ago?
  14. ccie2be

    2011 yz450 suspension

    Hey, not sure if you were talking to me but I'm not. I feel most people use those for lowering purposes.
  15. ccie2be

    2011 yz450 suspension

    Yep, all about balance. The manual say 90-100mm of rear sag and i tested this weekend about about 100-101 with really good results.