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  1. jacep

    Buying a Vinco 150cc motor

    Jeff, You are walking yourself in a circle. We offered to do whatever you wanted on the motor. But not when you paid 1/2 price...The motor works fine and nothing is bent on it...We know this for a fact...So with that being said the ball is in your court. If you want our support try paying for the motor like an honest man. Then you will get everything you want from us and then some. Sure we are slow on getting things done but we support every single one of our customers as long as they pay what they owe us. So I am not posting anything more here...And the MP'3 posting is no invasion of privacy give me a break. So with that being said move on I am sure the sport would be better without you. As for Staggs we like Staggs and support him on this after working with you. So Staggs just do what you need to and know that Vinco is behind you on this.
  2. jacep

    going to go 145cc on the pitster....

    A real built 145 will take the cheap 140 any day...I would wager on that all day long...
  3. jacep

    Buying a Vinco 150cc motor

    RK thats pretty funny ha ha. Lets see some of your inovation. I didn't see any of your motors down at the mini moto. As far as I know Vinco was the only bike that had an import motor qualified at the mini moto. Where were you??? by the way the vinco full blown race motors have 30mm ti-intake and 24mm ti-exhaust valves. I guess that will be a piece of sh... too though. With that configuration it should walk away from the big klx motors.
  4. jacep

    worth a shot?

    I have been curious about this bike too. I dont know anything about them... Looks like the swingarm is for sure going to break though...
  5. jacep

    <$300?? is it possible for a quality pitbike

    You could probably find an old and beaten pretty good pit bike for that but really not much else
  6. jacep

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    This is a girl I used to date...She might be the face of Vinco as we try and sex up our ads...I was shocked too!! Jake
  7. jacep

    info on pit bike

    Just make sure that the Sikk bike you are looking at is the one with the CRF 50 style swingarm. Their long travel arm was the same as our last bike and the design wasn't done the best.
  8. jacep

    Pitbike retard looking for advice

    Yeah service and parts are key...Check on that before you decide...
  9. jacep

    Pitbike retard looking for advice

    My two cents...The add on kit is now no longer available and the bikes come stock with a Universal Products bar and N-Style Vinco graphics...The shipping price is pretty standard across the board. You have to remember that we are shipping in most cases just one bike at about 180lbs w/the packaging (Not an easy thing to ship). My take is that I just wouldn't recommend spending much over $1k for an imported pit bike...Keep the difference in price and make some mods to it...That is our philosphy.
  10. jacep

    New Vinco site is up!

    Also there are some changes we made to the bike specs..We are now using Michelin Starcross tires, Universal Motocross levers and bars and perhaps the biggest announcement is that we are now using a 10.8 inch travel Showa front fork with 20 different adjustability settings. We are not doing away with the Hanebrinks but thought the Showa would give the bike just what it needs to take it over the edge. The first bike will be retrofitted with Showa forks this next week and a new photo shoot will follow.
  11. jacep

    New Vinco site is up!

    We have two different bikes...One is the Team Bike and the other the Factory bike. Some stories and reports have gotten the two mixed up. The chassis on the two bikes are identical but the motors are entirely different. The Team bike that we have pictured is a fast 13hp (14 depending on where you are) while the Factory will be between 17 and 20 depending on what the customer wants...The Factory bike is not a play bike at all, some of them will run on straight alchohol but they will be the fastest bikes on the planet. The Factory bike will also be using a Honda/Kitaco powerplant with some Vinco tricks to pull just a little more out of it. We are building our first Factory bike now for Joe Krigbaum out of LA and hope to have pics, dyno charts and videos within a couple of weeks.. So yeah the Team bike is 13-14 and the Factory is 17-20 depending on how wild the customer wants to get... Jake
  12. jacep

    Vinco Team Bike Finally Complete!!

    Hey this is Jake one half of Vinco. We gaurantee you will like the chassis as they are our pride and joy. I can assure you the Fox rear and the Hannebrink front are a lethal combination. There will probably be a choice however between a standard fork and an air fork with the travel only varying by one inch or so.
  13. jacep

    Vinco Team Bike Finally Complete!!

    We used a Hannebrink fork because we believe that they are the best. We talked with every big player out there and liked Dan because he was local, used only American components and was willing to work with us in creating an industry first 10 inch travel fork. Nobody else was willing. We will continue working with Dan because I believe that he is completely able and willing to work with us in making sure the fork performs as it should. If you look hard enough there are bad things to say about every company regardless of whether or not they are true.
  14. jacep

    Vinco Team Bike Finally Complete!!

    Price on this bike is $5299.00 with other models going up from there
  15. Hey here is the first Vinco Team bike USA delivered this week!! Engine/Transmission: Vinco 14 hp 130 cc Motor Vinco ported heads Kitaco high compression pistons 28 mm Mikuni flat side carb Vinco hand made and polished intake Vinco cams Vinco handmade factory exhaust Boyesen ignition cover Vinco transmission reinforcement Chassis: Chromoly custom painted frame Chrome subframe Billet swingarm Hanebrink 10 inch travel variable dampening air fork w/billet triple clamps Fox Podium MX Rear Shock w/Vinco custom spring Grimeca 4 piston front caliper w/Vinco Wave Rotor Magura rear brake w/Vinco wave rotor 14 inch front and 12 inch rear wheel w/powdercoated spokes Millville Tires Magura Clutch Lever Magura Throttle Assembly Cosmetics: Vinco graphics one off Shawn Gordon kit Carbon fiber tank cover Longhorn big bike bars Universal Motocross bar pad Magura grips Polished gas cap Hand made billet triple clamps One Industries seat Cover w/custom high seat foam Vinco chromoly over the mount brake lever Vinco chromoly pegs and mounts