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  1. crazycarl199

    New CRF250X Thunder Alley Exhaust

    Sorry to those that have responded, been really boigged down at work. The system is still for sale. I am not sure what the difference between to X and R systems would be other than bolt up. If any one is interested the best thing is to email me at Dbecker@diffenbaugh.com. We spent 410 for the complete system and would like to get 200 OBO
  2. crazycarl199

    What is the best 250 4 stroke?

    We just modded out a CRF 250X and it rips. It is faster (not quicker) than the "R" we had before. With the right mods the X is an awsome bike.
  3. crazycarl199

    New CRF250X Thunder Alley Exhaust

    Anyone interetsed in a good deal on a Thunder Alley Exhaust system for a CRF 250X. It has the head pipe and slip on silencer w/ spark arrestor. It was never used: we bought it and added race mods in lieu of trail mods.
  4. crazycarl199

    XR400 vs CRF450 X

    Any recomendations in Southern Cal (High Desert to San Diego) who would be a good choice to have the 426 work done on the bike. Give me a hammer and a nail but a wrench doesn't fit my hand.
  5. crazycarl199

    XR400 vs CRF450 X

    Thanks for all the good info, after what I read I am leaning to keep the bad boy, work the suspension and see how much a 440 kit would be.
  6. crazycarl199

    XR400 vs CRF450 X

    Trying to decide if I should sell the 03 400 and replace it with a CRF 450 X. The electric start is very tempting but parting with the extra cash isn't. Anybody have any comparisions between the two or mods that might make it worth keeping the 400 or compelling reasons to sell it and move on.