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  1. Squeaky192

    2008 KX250F total coolant capacity

    Well my lovely radiators started to leak again a little so I'm gonna try a little stop leak. What's the total capacity?
  2. Squeaky192

    2010 pics!!!!!!!

    Can't wait for all the foot in mouth. LOL
  3. Squeaky192

    2010 pics!!!!!!!

    These pics are real boys, here's camera phone pics of the 2010!
  4. Squeaky192

    Best whip pic!!

    Few ones from the beginning of the year. Sequenced Sequenced again.. (2 pics) One more Not really whipped but thought it looked cool with the flag.
  5. Squeaky192

    Few Pics from thoroughout 08 of me

    Yep, that's it.
  6. Squeaky192

    todays race pics

    Dude it was soooo soupy in practice, I got my money back, then later signed back up for the 250 A, lol.
  7. Squeaky192

    Few Pics from thoroughout 08 of me

    It is, I've almost hit that fence before, but the bank stopped me.
  8. Because my bro likes to ride it from time to time so we just mixed our two numbers, 192 and 229.
  9. Squeaky192

    Few Pics from thoroughout 08 of me

    I was running top 10's in my motos at the Loretta's Regional in Minnesota, just had falls and bad luck. National-level stuff is so serious and people ride so dirty it's not worth it, it really make's you lose interest. I'm just gonna ride A class around Kansas and the Oklahoma and Missouri state races next year. I did my first A race today.
  10. Squeaky192

    Few Pics from thoroughout 08 of me

  11. Yeah, you can't see it in that pic but there's actually a step up jump before that, so it's not just a tabletop. That and the face getting rutted, it's a pretty sketch jump.
  12. Squeaky192

    Some Piks From Practice

    Not in such a gooned out manor. RV is all about elbows down.
  13. Yeah man, the track was way good other than the whoops, they were claiming people left and right. They finally packed them a bit more and took the first one out of the first set which made them much easier.
  14. Squeaky192

    Few Pics from thoroughout 08 of me

    Here's a random vid from a nice dry and dusty Kansas track.
  15. I went 2-3 for 3rd in the 14-24 B on my 450 and 6-3 for 4th in the Lites B on my 250F.