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  1. simple1

    Can't/Won't wheelie

    Well i guess all the guy's riding there harley's/street bikes shouldn't ride too fast cause they cant wheelie. I understand the importance of being aware of your surroundings while on the road/traffic yadayada.I've been riding bikes for approx 24 yrs and i try to limit my stunting/aggresive riding for the bush.
  2. simple1

    Can't/Won't wheelie

    I completely disagree with your whole reasonings.I own a xr 600 92 w/plate and bought this bike for the sole purpose of highway/dirt adventure bike,having the ability to keep up with traffic all that good shyte.I dont particularly feel like grabbing air with this big beast.Put me on a 250 2 stroke and it's like a whole different ball game.The 600-650 bike is a Beast that can have ignorant manners that need to be respected. I've ridden with all kin ds from novice to semi-pro.It all depends on the leauge i'm playing in.I've went out with 125-250 and actuall had fairly lame days. Whatever each to there o0wn. Just thought your post had all the wrong reasonings behind it........for wheeling and the ability. cya.
  3. simple1

    XR Wheelie Gone Bad

    2 funny . I kinda leave the wheeling for the 2 stroke 250.The big 600's are too heavy and unpredictable.BUT doing what this loser just did is deserving.
  4. simple1

    new stator a wise decison?

    Hey don what is the battery eliminator? What's the function,size,plugs in how? ,all that good stuff. I heard and read of people putting in the bigger stators and blowing bulb's and such.shed some light anyone?no pun intended. cheers.
  5. Hey folks i'm running a 92 xr600 w/baja dualsport kit(plated)and have been having troubles with lights,brake lights and signals. I havent yet put the multitester to use ,but, i seem to not hold or get any charge into the small 8 pack ni-mh pack to really sustain anything.I get some, but way not enough. Any tips. I am thinking about buying a 200 watt ricky stator to maybe cure my problems. Any tips on this and the new stator.my clutch spring seems to leak pretty badly when running, so i can replace the bearing and seal at this time as well ,right? cheers for beers.