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  1. Motocross

    The AMA should give 5 SX points to any rider that shows.
  2. Or this year Tomac.
  3. Motocross

    Ward Creek in Raymond Wa.
  4. Motocross

    There used to be a video online taken at the Washougal beer garden. The people are packed into a 40 foot circle, completely surrounded by a chain link fence. Suddenly, some mini mom squats down and takes a piss. The cameraman then follows the stream down the hill. It was priceless. Washougals a real fun place to camp when they close the beer garden for the night.
  5. Washington

    Oh boy-impatient bikers equals more things to look at.
  6. Motocross

    International travel is alot harder than most think it is. I think he'll win a few and finish around 5th.
  7. Supercross

    Some have posted that they can get this to work. http://www.cricfree.tv/fox-sports-2-usa-live-stream
  8. Supercross

    A great night for supercross. Without the takeouts, there wouldn't be anything to talk about.
  9. Reed ought to be happy. The AMA and Canard gave him an excuse why he sucked last night. He usually doesn't have one-oh yeah, the bike setup.
  10. Reed was blocking Canard and got bumped. I wonder if mega dad Reed teaches his kid sportsmanship like that?
  11. Yes-My second newer YZ250 and first issue with the lower PV mechanism.
  12. Turned out to be a pin down in the centrifugal mechanism fell out. Made it to the bottom of the engine without damaging anything.
  13. Bike had no mid/top. PV moves freely when the linkage is disconnected. Can you normally see the arm move up when you rev it up(with the cover off)?
  14. Probably not then.