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  1. desertracer222

    350 First oil change question

    Thanks, that's what I thought. Did anyone else seem to have a lot of metal shavings in the screen filter on the first oil change. It had more metal shavings and gasket material than I have ever seen in a new bike. The replaceable filter seemed to be pretty clean though. Lastly after I started the bike now it is burning oil, lots of blue smoke from the exhaust and revving a little slugish. Any suggestions? Is it something to be worried about?
  2. I just changed the oil for the first time on my 350SX-f. I was curious as to what was behind the cover behind the shift lever with the 3 allen screws holding it on. I removed them and it looked like the oil pump? Anyways, it rotated a little when I pulled the cover off and just wanted to verify that there is not a specific timing for it, I do not think there is but I am a little worried. Thanks for the help, also do you guys suggest running a little extra oil from what the manual says?
  3. desertracer222

    Which Piston to get?

    First piston went in at 70 hours, it looked good, mainly had it apart to replace the valves. Bike is now at 130 hours, want to do the piston for piece of mind but also want to change the cam chain after reading all the posts on here.
  4. desertracer222

    Which Piston to get?

    I am getting ready to do the second top end on my 09. The first time I had to redo the head too, this time just the piston as all valves have stayed in spec. I am wondering if it is time to put a piston with a little overbore on it in. I see some of the wiseco and vertex piston listed as 77mm and such, what size do you guys reccomend? For the last top end I just put in another OEM piston. Also what do the differences in performance for different compressions? Which compression would you reccomend and what is stock? Thanks in advance for all the help.
  5. desertracer222

    White Italian KXF

    This one? http://i772.photobucket.com/albums/yy3/JakeDaniel/Railer.jpg It was in the show me your Kawasaki thread.
  6. desertracer222

    2009 KX250F Clutch problems

    Same here, mine will grab and sometimes make a noise when I first let the clutch out for the day. After it warms up it goes away and everything is flawless. Not the best feeling but I am pretty sure its not hurting anything either.
  7. desertracer222

    09 KX250f Monster Edition OTD $$$

    I paid $5550 OTD in June for a monster edition. www.otdcyclesports.com has the best prices in southern California and if you find the right dealership they will usually match or beat their price by a hundred or two hundred dollars.
  8. desertracer222

    valves on the 09's

    That is why I am bumming so much, everyone said how reliable the Kawi's were. I guess mine technically are not out of spec but they are too close for my comfort. It still starts first kick, and the fact that it is the most fun bike I have ever ridden makes up for the dissapointment.
  9. desertracer222

    valves on the 09's

    I do the air filter every ride, oil filter every other. I did make some little foam inserts though to cover the airbox holes since I did notice a lot of water getting throught them in the first few washes.
  10. desertracer222

    valves on the 09's

    Thanks guys, I am hoping that they will stay put after shimming. This is my first four-stroke so I have been super detailed on all the maintnance, oil change every 5-10 and a filter every other. I also clean the air filter after every ride but I do not like the stock filter, it seems like it does not like to seal correctly every time, I think it is time to get a UNI or twin-air.
  11. desertracer222

    valves on the 09's

    I just checked my valves at 50 hours and I have one intake that is border line too tight and one exhaust that is border line too loose. My question is after I shim them back into spec is it going to be a never ending battle of re-shimming every 10 hours from here on out until I get new valves/recut valve seats or should they still hold tolerance pretty good. I was hoping to get about 80-100 hours out of the bike before I had to do a top end so I am definately a little bummed.
  12. desertracer222

    best price otd in socal for 09 250f

    That is the best price I have ever been able to find. Bought my last three bikes using qoutes from them. Most dealerships in so cal will match there price and some will even beat it by $100-$200. I bought my 09 at Hahm motorsports this summer and they beat the OTD motorsports price by $200 just had to show them the ad.
  13. desertracer222

    09 250F for off road

    I bought a 2009 KX250f this summer coming off a 2006 YZ250. Most people have said I am stupid but I wanted to try out a fourstroke after riding 2 strokes my whole life. I ride enduro's in the high desert (so. ca) that are usually in some pretty rocky tight terrain. I put a pipe, stabilizer, hand guards, re geared it and did all the other protection stuff on it and I am very happy with the switch. For my type of riding, the tight and technical, the bike is ideal and on par with my YZ. I have already chalked up an expert win with only 4 rides on the bike and 2 races. If you are looking at doing a lot of open flat riding I would be aware that without some kind of insane gearing the 250f is only comfortable cruising at around 40-45 mph. I thought I might need a flywheel weight but I am not having any problems with the bike stalling so I am going to ride her as she is.
  14. desertracer222

    2009 kawasaki kx 250f setup for woods tips......

    Who currently makes a flywheel weight that fits the '09. I only know of steahly and they do not have one listed on their website.