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    Motocross Des Nations

    The story from Youthstream (they control MX in Europe and badly in many eyes) is that the MX des Nations will be alternated after 2006 between the US and Europe with the US hosting it in 2007 after the UK in 2006. IMHO for sure RC is the best rider in the world but to say that you have the best riders in the world fullstop is ...... Sad to see that Kawasaki won't let their riders go as it would have been great to see Bubba riding in Europe and would certainly cause as much intrest as RC. The MX des Nations can only be good for the sport on both side of the Atlantic and the Pacific!!!
  2. Hello, I am looking to buy a new helmet and wonder which helmet workd best in actually keeping you cool. This is really my main consideration. Have looked at the One Ind Trooper and Thor Force. What are your thoughts? Cheers.