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  1. crmc33

    XR600 'ignition only' wiring

    Thanks, thats great. I just want to run without a battery for weight saving and simplicity. I wasnt sure if running the generator without anything to take the power from the lighting power generator would fry the stator but it sounds like it wont. I suppose it make sense, without a completed circuit there wont be any current passing through the lighting part of the stator. My blog needs updating but there are some details of my ongoing project! http://xbr-supermono.blogspot.co.uk/
  2. Hi Guys, I think this must have been asked before but I cant find it on the forum.... Im just finishing off a XR600R rebuild and only want to run the bike on a total loss ignition wiring (ie No lights) Can anyone advise what wires need to be connected to generate a good spark? I have a new AC generator, pulse coil and HT coil and CDI ready to join up. Is it OK to run the ignition with no AC regulator or rectifier attached? Thanks for any help
  3. crmc33

    XR600R crank into XR650L ???!

    I thought the rods were all the same btwn the different engines? The different stroke lengths being compensated for by different height pistons?
  4. crmc33

    Hotcam stage 1 xr600 1996

    nothign wrong with the hotcam stg 1. You can even regrind it with les sbase circle to increase lift if you so wish. The problem of wear is poor oil supply. Wont go into how I know!
  5. crmc33

    How to run a XR600R CDI on a XR650L...

    IMHO, I would be surprised that the pulse gen resistance makes much of a diff, in theory isnt it just a trigger for the CDI timing so it would either run or it wont if the PG was not funtioning properly. Im just building a XR/L600 race engine and will try the XRL (NX) 650 PG Ive used before.
  6. crmc33

    How to run a XR600R CDI on a XR650L...

    PDX, Can I ask a favour? Can you measure the resistance of your XR600 Pulse Gen so that I can compare it with the one I have. Im still surprised Honda changed this btween the XRL and the XR.
  7. crmc33

    Would you molest this R?

    here here, just ride the damn thing. We'll all be driving electric powered zero emission hovercraft in 10 years time so itll be worth $0.20 even if its mint
  8. Im using twin 34mm flatsides off a RGV250. Disable the powerjets and unecessary bits and you have yourself semi downdraft flatslide carbs. Ive modded the intakes to take them. Cheap to buy 2nd hand, nice and compact too. Just building the engine now. Will be running the engine in a few months time.
  9. crmc33

    XR650L 657cc 10.5:1 Pigning issue.

    FYI, We (me and Stepho) hope to have a MSD alternative soon. The hard bit seems to be getting the starting sorted!
  10. crmc33

    dual carb head on late model engine

    Yes, its possible. Im building one as we speak! Its a common mod for road racing this engine
  11. My NX pump will be circa 1990 so I guess thats why it works out ok with the XR clutch cover. I wonder what the difference is?
  12. Hi HT, I have both types of head and there is a big difference in intake diameter. Im building an engine with the large port head just opened up a little more to 34mm (x2).
  13. WRT running the NX650 oil pump and XR600 side cover.. This sounds odd as its what Im doing at the moment with no oiling problems
  14. crmc33

    XR650L Exhaust headers

    You need to decide if you want killer top end performance (and noise) ....or something with a little more low down grunt?
  15. crmc33

    XR600R Full engine rebuild

    phew! thats sounds like a lucky escape!!