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    Anyone know at what point to you need to change your chain? How much slack should there be? I know you can adjust the slack with the adjustments on the back wheel. looks like mine at at the end of the adjustment. Is there a time that the sprocket should be changed out too? Thanks, j-
  2. gsequel1

    Air Filter??

    Yea, it's a paper filter. So you think just toss it or clean it? The ones I see online are like $30. Sound about right?
  3. gsequel1

    Air Filter??

    Hey guys, I have had my 93 XR650L for a short time now and would like to know what is the best way to clean the air filter and how often. I do almost all riding in the city and the occasional trail ride. Thanks, j-
  4. gsequel1

    Carburetor Photos

  5. gsequel1

    Carburetor Photos

    Bike: 1993 XR650L I recently had a friend of mine do some carb work for me. I used the manual step-by-step for taking it off the bike. Does anyone have any photos from both sides showing the connections for the hoses? The manual does not really have a very detailed desciption and I want to double check I have everything right before firing it back up. Some of the photos from Dave's mod were nice . . just need some better angles. thanks again if you can help me out! Jamie
  6. gsequel1

    Axle Holder (Bolts Sheered off)

    you doods are the shit. I will check it out. thanks, j-
  7. On my 650l the four bolts that hold the front axle in place are sheered off. 2 are there and 2 are gone. from the looks of it can I replace the screws sticking out or the whole fork? thanks, j-
  8. gsequel1

    Where to buy some tires?

    Awesome. They had what I was looking for . . free shipping is not bad either. thanks, j-
  9. gsequel1

    Where to buy some tires?

    Where is everyone buying parts, tires, etc? I tried ordering a pair of Maxxis C6006's from AMT and they were out of stock. I might be looking at a new exhaust as well . . where are the deals? thanks, Jamie
  10. gsequel1

    Another Tire?

    I was just looking for something else to try out. When I got the bike the MT2's were aleady on there and not in the best shape. The back end is all over the place in dirt and it rides a little loose on street. Thanks to everyone for the info. j-
  11. gsequel1

    Another Tire?

    I have a 93 XR650L. Currently on my bike there are MT21 Rear 130/90 18 and front 90/90 21. I am looking at a couple of options and maybe someone can tell me first hand which tire is better. I would say that I am 70% strete and 30% dirt. Options: Maxxis C6006 Duro HF903/904 MEDIAN Avon AM24 GRIPSTER Looking for something good on street and as far as dirt mostly trail riding. No sand or anything like that. What are the differnt numbers in relation to the tire? ex: 130 or 120? thanks for your help in advance, j-
  12. gsequel1

    Omaha area?

    Last summer I got a 93 XR650L. I was wondering if there was anyone in the Omaha area willing to help me out on getting some performance mods, new tires and general maintenance done to my bike. I prefer not to take it to dealers. thanks, j-
  13. So about a month ago I just got a 93 XR650L. So far I love this bike. I was told that everything stock on it and it has about 5k. I was curious as to what mods should be done first to make this bike run better. I would say that most of the time I will have this on the street. Weekend trips on the trails. Should I be upgrading exhaust, tires, carb kit etc. I was also looking to get rid of the blue side covers and go with white ones. Do the newer years fit on this model? I have checked into a lowering linkage. Can anyone recommend one over the other? I looked into White Bros and Devol . . what about bearings? I think that I read somewhere on here to replace them as well. Thanks to anyone who give me a little head start. j-
  14. gsequel1

    93 XR 650l Linkage

    Anyone have a lower linkage for this bike that they are selling? If not, can you point me in the rigth direction on where to get one. thanks, Jamie