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  1. DevilMan

    98 Husaberg FC501 Motard???

    Wowzers!!! 30+ views and no comments at all??? hmmmmm ..... Okie then I guess I'll have to pass on this project. DM
  2. DevilMan

    98 Husaberg FC501 Motard???

    I'm looking at picking up a 98 FC501 Hussy and am wondering what the great minds here at TT know about em. Trying to decide how hard it will be to make it a street legal motard or if it's even worth the fight. I know the rules are different state to state but think of it in the most lax of rules like KY or TN type rules. Would it be a good bike to motard?? or is it offroad only type. I have a set of 17" wheels already that I'd love to get put on a bike to motard out, and use as a commuter for work but would the 15-20 miles one way to work not be good for the bike??? What says you all?? DM
  3. DevilMan

    "They're gonna beat our ass dude"

    I've ridden that road many times... and truth be told... I wouldn't have stopped either. He pulled a bonehead move. And he went in the ditch for it. As to why video that road in a car??? I've done it... Even after being on the road on 2 wheels many times. It's a very "famous" road and it's a trip seeing the lay out of it, yes cars and trucks and even some dumb@ss semi's go up it. AND yes too many of the cages won't pull over and let the bikes by... but just the same you pull the trigger on a pass you better be able to pull it off.... If not.... well you see what happens. DM
  4. DevilMan

    Know a good local shop in the Orange County area?

    Don't know much about OC, but my good friend wrenches/runs a shop down in San Pedro. He's a true blue rider, has an XR650 that he motarded, has a B1200 with lots of mods as well. Good guy, and will get you and anyone else in the area set up as best as he can. Let me know if its near you and I'll get his contact info. PM or Email me for quicker results. DM
  5. DevilMan

    Any one from Japan?

    What Size/Color do you want??? I'm not there anymore but I have friends who are. Get me in EMAIL or PM is best... DM
  6. DevilMan

    S invisible to "green light sensors"

    Well I beg to differ with you about the flashing of the lights... I've come up to lights that have just turned red and had traffic coming across and I can flash the hi beams a few times and the light will shift to stop them and go green for me... I've ridden the same road for years and came to note which ones worked and which didn't. I've also done it in a car as well.... And as for bouncing up and down... If it works for you its because you are pushiing the metal of the bike down closer to the sensor and as it does it's creates the pulse you need... So if it works for ya then go for it... Just wanted you to know it's not a set of scales. As for ReCalibrating the system... Yes it can be done... It's called reinstall the wires to where it will read the bikes properly so that we all get a fair shake. And in TN a law was passed that you may go on a red light if you have waited through 2 cycles of the light... That's for stuff like turn lane only things and noone else is following you. As for the police point of view... I would also point out that you had been there... waiting... and went when safe. I WOULD NOT use that if the cop had been sitting watching you roll up ... stop and go. YMMV, DM
  7. DevilMan

    S invisible to "green light sensors"

    It's not weight they the sensors detect. It's electromagnetic field induction. Meaning the metal in your bike crosses through the field and it creates an electric pulse which starts the timer ticking to change the light. The REAL solution is to recalibrate the sensors. That can better be done by sending a note or making a petition to the higher ups that you pay your licensing and registration and taxes... You should be able to have the same comforts as those in cages. The quick fix isn't the Green Light Trigger. It does help on some.. But isn't a sure cure. I've had em. Not to mention they are just magnets. Go to a hobby shop and buy some of those high strength little bitty things... then stick a few of them to parts of your frame, maybe with some double sided sticky tape or zipties or both if you like. You can also find some really strong small ones in some of the newer high energy speakers. Instead of using one large magnet they use a crapload of little ones. And the ones I have had were quite "sticky". The Flash your lights works IF you do it before getting UNDER the light... ie... a few feet back... like hmmmm 4-5 car lengths... AND it will only work on lights that have the photoelectric sensor built into them. Ones around fire stations, pd's and hospitals have the most of them. But you need to flash so that basically your light lights up the signal light. If it don't then you are wasting your time. Hope this helps... and welcome to the world of invisible existence. DM
  8. DevilMan

    Hats off to off-road racers

    Well I'm not much into the offroad stuff yet... but I'm would have to say that I am more woods than open land by far... and well... MX... Isn't touched... I find the beatings that the woods will give you for 1 minor wrong turn are a hell of a fun time... Makes you look WAYYYY Ahead... And where you are at all at the same time.... I really can't wait to get into some woods stuff out here in Cali... Glad you had a great time and you know what to do to improve!!!! DM
  9. DevilMan

    NorCal MotorCycle Salvage

    THanx Brewster... I had done a search online but couldn't find the right place that would give me the closer ones.... those are both right at 100 miles from me.... Any others any where south around the Monterey area by any chance?? Not that that is too far, but I'd figure there would be some down southeast of me a bit.... not sure though, so thanx, maybe I make it up there this week sometime. DM
  10. DevilMan

    NorCal MotorCycle Salvage

    Anyone know where there are some good salvage yards around the Southern SF Bay Area?? Or know of any to stay away from? I would tell ya what I'm looking for... but I don't know. Gotta go beat the bushes and see what I can find. Thanx in advance, DM
  11. DevilMan

    Monterey/Pacific Grove... Where to Ride?

    cool deal man... I was afraid the nearest place was going to be like 4 or 5 hours drive.... It's only 1 hour for me... SWEET!!!! Now onto the Red Green issue.... Where do you get a Green Sticker from??? DM
  12. Hey guys, some of you may have noticed I am new to NorCal.... I am living in Carmel Valley, and am looking for riding areas/partners in the local areas. ALSO I need to know where/how/howmuch a "Green" sticker is.... New to this whole Kalifornication mess.... And with any luck I can get some riding in sometime in the rest of this year. Are there any places that you don't have to have a sticker??? that'd be ideal for starters... but really the closer the better for me. Oh and BTW I'm on an XR440... so I don't think getting the green will be a problem. Thanx in advance, DM
  13. DevilMan

    How to make a 1998 XR400 Street Legal in Cali??

    Yeah Troy, I saw that after I posted... I was in KY when I joined here... should update that I spose... course I just got here.. To Cali 2 days ago. I'm in NorCal... Monterey to be exact, and I'm not one to tote a bike 4 hours just to ride for 2. I'm also more interested in getting something to commute with as I don't care about driving my truck everyday..... especially on these roads... I'm in Carmel Valley... a whopping 10 minutes from Laguna Seca... The roads are just awesome... well I mean sure beats most of my other commute routes. But yeah my friends are in SoCal... just rode El Mirage this weekend... the only place my XR has been in Cali so far. DM
  14. Is it possible??? I have one that has over 6K invested in it. I just moved here from Las Vegas, and I never got it plated because it was off roaded over there. NOW I have no place to ride and I have too much put into the bike to just throw it away. How much trouble or is it possible to make it a street legal machine??? I don't think I'd go with the 17" wheels, but the lights and signals and such I'd have to do, so I wonder if I'd be able to get it plated as a "Dual Sport" like the DR's are. Does anyone know???? If I can't then I guess I'm going to sell it, and get what I can out of it, and put that money back into a street legal ride like the DRZSM or something as such. I know that Kalifornia is up in arms about pulling plates and crap like that right now, so I know it's not the best time to ask, but I need to know roughly how much it would cost me to put lights and mirrors on it as well.... Does anyone know if someone took a street bike to the dirt and pulled the electrical off of it, if it would fit the XR??? Would that be a possibility??? hmmmmm any and all help is appreciated. DM