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  1. madmatter650

    Who has a big bore drz400????

    I guess my biggest concern is reliablity. I dont know much about engines. I just know the basics, BUT I have a VERY GOOD mechanic, whos more than willing to work on it (for a small fee of course ;-) I'm a casual rider, and I dont want to have maintenance concerns, BUT I want to have a shit load of fun when I go I just aquired a bone stock 2004 S model, and I'm willing to shell the buks to make it bad ass. BUT I dont want to have to work on it all the time, because I cant and I dont want to drive my VERY GOOD mechanic nuts I could just do the usual mods, run the piss out of it, and be happy, BUT!? I could make it a big bore.... I got a clean slate, and a little extra money Y not? I really just want someone to break it down to me as far as work and more importantly, cost Is it worth it?? As you can probably tell, I DONT KNOW SHIT You know, if someone had a link to a good step by step page??
  2. madmatter650

    Who has a big bore drz400????

    Im really interested in putting a big bore kit in my drz400s. Im wanting to talk to a few ppl who have done this so I can get some pro's and con's. Any input would be helpful. Thanks MATT