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  1. crfbiker

    crf 70 to cr 85

    i ride both quad and mx. im used to both. besides my mom is buyin all the good stuff i say about them. she doesnt like to see me jump a bike. besides i like to trail ride. but dont say get a utility quad because that dumb.
  2. crfbiker

    CRF70 Upgrades/Mods

    it worked great.
  3. crfbiker

    crf 70 to cr 85

    i just broke my arm at the track. it'll heal at the beginning of december. should i gain my strenghth before getting it? my mom wants me to get a atv but i cant make my mind. if i do get an atv should i get a trx300, trx400, or a trx450? i need answers.
  4. crfbiker

    crf 70 to cr 85

    ok but should i take it easy at first?
  5. crfbiker

    crf 70 to cr 85

    i am about 4'8" and like to ride at the track. i went to the honda shop and the guy said i fit it. my friend has a xr 100 and thats a little dull. ive been riding for 1.5 years and im very expierienced. so now what.
  6. should i go from crf 70 to cr 85 or is that to big of a change?
  7. crfbiker

    CRF70 Upgrades/Mods

    Consistantly hear of dropping to 13T on front. Anyone change the back? Is so, to what size? I was thinking of going to a 42, but don't want it to kill the effects of going to 13 on the front.
  8. crfbiker

    CRF70 Upgrades/Mods

    where should i get my sprocket from
  9. crfbiker

    CRF70 Upgrades/Mods

    do aftermarket exhaust help in any type of proformance? if so tell me a good brand name. if not thats fine.
  10. My son & I are wanting to improve the performance of his CRF70. We are not ready to do any bore kits etc... at this time. Based on what we have read, it seems that we need to change the sprockets in the front and possibly the back. Also, we need to look at the intake/air filter. Lastly, possibly the suspension. I would like to hear from some of you who have done this. What we need to know is the following: 1) What sprocket sized do you recommend on the front and back? 13/42? 2) On the intake, we are looking to keep the same carb., so do we just get a Uni filter? 3) On the suspension, need something tighter on the front, and would like to know if there is a swing arm which fits the back with no mods needed? Any help will be appreciated.